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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Photography Business

When it comes to creating a name for yourself in the photography world, you may think you need to take out expensive ads, boost social media posts, create a fully-functioning website, start a blog, and all the other usual suspects. And although those are all great action steps along the way to building your business, there are many smaller actions you can take to change your game and give your business a boost.

Although I’m gearing these practices towards new photographers who want to create content and position themselves as someone potential clients and other professionals can trust, these tips are just as powerful for more advanced photographers and their businesses.

So no matter where you are in your career, these simple actions will show you how easy it is to jumpstart and grow your photo business.

Action Tip #1: Connect with other professionals.

This includes other photographers and business owners alike. Connecting with a tribe of like-minded people isn’t just about networking, but about inspiration, brainstorming, accountability, sharing resources, and learning together.

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Action Tip #2: Be helpful.

As business owners and photographers, it’s important that we go above and beyond in our work. Not only does this put us in a position of trust, but also makes it easier for others to respond in kind. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer you might take a quick photo/video of some of the vendors working at the wedding, then send it their way, essentially creating social media content for them. There is no expectation on your end, but if they do post the shot to Instagram and give you a shout out, you’ve scored a win.

Action Tip #3: Take your talent to the streets.

As a photographer, you’re probably already taking your camera into the public sector, but take this one step further to really showcase your work and talent. Volunteer your services at an event or fundraiser, record a video at your favorite cafe, take photographs of your friends in a public space. Getting out and shining a spotlight on what you do leads to onlookers, which may lead to curiosity and eventually clients.

Action Tip #4: Market in a meaningful way.

Marketing your photography business doesn’t have to be something that feels insincere or icky. You don’t have to send an email everyday or constantly push your services on social media. No one likes being sold to 24/7. But what you can do is stay in the front of people’s minds with things like:

  • Creating free or cheap events related to your services (a workshop/demo/photo sessions)
  • Asking for referrals (give your clients extra biz cards/coupons to pass out/offer a free session for so many referrals/get people talking)
  • Upselling by offering a discount if the client books another session
  • Cross-promoting with a relevant business (exchange vouchers/flyers/discount cards/etc.)

Action Tip #5: Show up.

This doesn’t just mean showing up when you feel like it or when inspiration strikes. This means always doing your best and putting in the effort on the good and bad days. It means providing great customer service, building solid relationships, and practicing your craft. And when the going gets tough, show up anyway, even if it’s just a baby step forward. People will appreciate your kindness, your talents, and your efforts.   

Now that you’ve read these simple ways to jumpstart and build your photography business, it’s time to put them into action. Information is worthless if you don’t do anything with it, so revisit these tips as much as you’d like, come up with a plan, implement often, and you will see positive results.

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