A newlywed couple celebrate their ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot by opening a bottle of champagne and smiling. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.
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‘90s Wedding Inspiration Shoot at The Riley Building in Austin, TX

A fun ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot at The Riley Building in Austin, Texas

Deep down, we all know that the ’90s was the greatest decade of all! Iconic hip-hop music, choker necklaces, Old Spice, and AOL Instant Messenger – the ‘90s are filled with nostalgic moments and memories. So, with this ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot at The Riley Building, we wanted to create a chic and modern throwback to the classic decade and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The vendors went all out with a playful 1990’s-inspired wedding design. It was really important for the designers to mimic the fashion, colors, and vibe that was the 90’s. With stunning streamers from Pop & Drop, neon flowers with butterfly accents from The Farmer & I, and the inflatable lounge rentals from Bee Lavish, this ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot was rad!

Bright colors and vibrant decor

The color palette of this ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot at The Riley Building was no easy feat to pull off. The designers had concerns about the number of colors, as well as how vibrant those colors should be. They started off with the base colors of pink, yellow, and purple and from there, they added in accent colors: lime green, yellows, and blues. The palette was vibrant and eccentric, but not over-the-top, at this 90’s wedding inspiration shoot. 

Sleek and chic wedding attire to pull it all together

The sleek and classic wedding attire really pulled this stunning ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot together. The gorgeous two-piece dress from Unbridaled was sleek and classic, but the puffed sleeves really allowed it to fit the ‘90s style.

The groom’s Bonobo’s gray suit toned down the bright array of colors, but his pink, striped undershirt added a fun texture and print to the vibe. The cherry on top of this was the skinny, purple, rectangular glasses! It was such a cool touch!

The bride and groom were gorgeous! They honestly made this wedding inspiration shoot at the Riley Building what it was with their bright smiles and modelesque poses. I love styled shoots and this ‘90s wedding inspiration shoot was one for the books. I can’t wait for you to check it out!

The Talented Vendors For This Shoot

Signage: Owl and Envelope
Cake: Iced Cakes
Dress: Unbridaled
Suit: Bonobos
Female Model: Madison King
Male Model: Nassyre Girard

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