Carmen and Marcus' elopement portrait photographed by Southern Love Creative in Austin, TX

A Charming and Beautiful Elopement | Carmen + Marcus

When you consider elopement, you might think about a courthouse wedding with one or two witnesses present and little ceremony beyond that. When Carmen and Marcus considered elopement, they had a much more charming and intimate event in mind. Together, with their closest family in attendance, this couple had a lovely and beautiful backyard wedding to remember.

The Small Moments Before

Weddings are often made up of many small special moments. Carmen and Marcus prepared separately with their respective families before the wedding, sharing in simple acts of joy and love. Their first look was a fabulous affair involving a sweeping stairwell with Marcus waiting at the bottom, excited to see his beautiful bride. Together, they shared this magical moment with just the two of them before heading outside for the ceremony.

“Be true to yourself!

Carmen & Marcus

Charming and Beautiful Ceremony

The ceremony took place in a backyard decorated with charming and rustic elements that perfectly fit the vibe of the day. With the couple on full display, they exchanged vows and rings as their family joyously watched. It was a magical way to be married, and one that will surely live on in the couple’s hearts and memories. Some stunning photos wrapped up the day, ensuring that the beauty of this day will be preserved as the couple starts their lives together. This elopement was one for the books!

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Talented Vendors:

Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo

Cake: Lady Quackenbush’s Cakery

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