Bride and groom look in opposite directions as they pose for their wedding shoot; image overlaid with text that reads Top 5 Most Popular Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas

Top 5 Most Popular Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas

Bride and groom look at each other as they pose during their wedding shoot at an Airbnb; image overlaid with text that reads Top 5 Most Popular Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas

So you’re looking for a venue – something unique, maybe a little off the beaten path. You don’t want something that’s a product of the generic wedding industry. No, you want the freedom to really create something special for you and your closest family and friends. If any of that rings true, you should start looking into Airbnb wedding venues in Texas!

The concept of booking an Airbnb for your wedding might sound a little crazy at first. But the more you think about it, the more you can see why it’s becoming so popular here. This is especially if you’re planning an elopement or a small wedding – which more and more of us are doing these days. Airbnb offers you access to many properties that never make the big lists of official wedding venues. The Airbnb wedding venues in Texas have so much charm and character. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites!

A Note on Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas

These are all Airbnb venues, which means that they aren’t exclusively for weddings. Some of them have wedding-specific equipment and spaces. But many of them are first and foremost a getaway for family and friends to enjoy.

Couple smiling with sunlight coming from behind them, captured by wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

All that means is that you need to bring an extra level of communication to your host when you are exploring Airbnb wedding venues in Texas. Make sure that they are okay with you getting married there, and see what kind of resources they have available for you. An official wedding venue will have packages that clearly state what you do and don’t have access to. Airbnbs sometimes have less clarity, but you might be surprised by what the Airbnb managers are willing to do to make your dream wedding a reality.

I’d really suggest that, as you narrow down your search for the perfect venue, you ask the Airbnb manager to come and view the space before you book. This might not be possible – the Airbnb might be fully booked by other guests, or the manager might not feel comfortable. But if you can see your venue before arriving there, you absolutely should check it out. 

#1 – The Ginger Ranch, Fredericksburg

If your vision for the best Airbnb wedding venues in Texas looks like a place where your closest family and friends can gather for a weekend of fun together, this is the perfect place.

Close-up photo of the top of the Ginger Ranch, one of the top five Airbnbs for wedding venues

The incredible Ginger Ranch has a beautiful main house and five mini cabins, along with a hot tub and pool, a ceremony arch, a fire pit, and a whole barn devoted to games. I particularly like the look of the arched colonnade around the farmhouse!

#2 – Historic Manor House, Austin

Maybe, when you look up Airbnb wedding venues in Texas, you aren’t actually hunting for something out in nature. Many people go to Airbnb wedding venues because they want to enjoy the natural world. But Texas has so many amazing cities with incredible nightlife, maybe you’re looking to elope to the city!

If you want to celebrate your love by eloping here in Austin, this property is for you. A historic home bursting with personality and so carefully curated, it would be such a fun spot to hold your elopement. Not to mention that its location puts you right in the center of the action if you want to kick off the honeymoon with a night on the town.

#3 – Lake Travis Waterfront Retreat, Austin

If you’re looking for lakeside Airbnb wedding venues in Texas, look no further than this Lake Travis Waterfront Retreat. Oh man, this place is sweet! It’s an indoor-outdoor property with huge floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that let you step straight from the living area out onto the gorgeous terrace. There, the luxurious infinity pool appears to pour over the edge of the terrace, which offers the most peaceful views of Lake Travis.

View of the outside terrace of Lake Travis Waterfront Retreat, Austin with lights and people gathered during a wedding reception

The interior here is tastefully decorated in light and airy colors, with so many thoughtful design details. You could really hold the most beautiful intimate reception dinner on this terrace! The property sleeps up to 22 people, and it also includes access to a private dock down on the water.

#4 – D6 Retreat, Dripping Springs

You could have the weekend of your dreams if you chose to get married on this wonderful property. D6 Retreat is one of those Airbnb wedding venues in Texas that promises a fair amount and delivers even more! 

Bride and groom posing in front of the D6 Retreat, Dripping Springs

The property has one house and four villas gathered around a central space, with a heated infinity pool and an on-site yoga instructor. They offer the services of an event manager to help you create a beautiful wedding in a chapel on their sunset clifftop, and the natural beauty of the landscape speaks for itself!

#5 – Lone Star River Ranch, Lohn

This is an example of Airbnb wedding venues in Texas at their most luxurious. This venue was designed to create incredible experiences. There are 1200 acres of rolling hills and woods, a huge event space for a reception, and two beautiful homes (together sleeping, 45 guests.)

One of the real stars of this show is the river – not only for its beauty but for the 5 miles of private riverside access you get when you decide to hold your wedding here. It’s perfect for kids to play in, families to enjoy, or newlyweds to take a moonlit dip.

Finding the Right Airbnb Wedding Venue for You

I hope that looking through these Airbnb wedding venues, you’ve caught some inspiration for the kind of space you’d like to celebrate your own wedding in! As you can see, there is such a wide range of Airbnb wedding venues in Texas, from city escapes to river ranches to lakeside homes. Keep an open mind and I am certain that you’re going to find the perfect venue for your dream wedding!

Bride and groom looking in opposite directions as they pose hand in hand in front of a plain cement wall with windows

And, if you’re looking for someone to capture the dream on camera, check out my portfolio for samples of my work. I’d love to discuss the idea of working together!


Bride and groom smile and pose while holding hands in front of an Airbnb; image overlaid with text that reads Top 5 Most Popular Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas
Couple smiling and holding hands with sunlight coming from behind them; image overlaid with text that reads Top 5 Most Popular Airbnb Wedding Venues in Texas

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