A cheese, nut, and fruit grazing table provided by Grazeology in Austin, Texas with text overlaying the image that reads Have an Epic Reception With These Austin, Texas Wedding Caterers. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Have an Epic Reception With These Austin, Texas Wedding Caterers

It’s no secret that food plays a big role at weddings. From the cocktail hour to the reception and beyond, it’s important to keep your guests satiated. There have been many horror stories about guests going for hours without even so much as hors d’oeuvres, and this can be a real problem when wedding guests are expected to stick around for a reception dinner that won’t get started until later in the evening. Here’s how to have an epic reception with these Austin, Texas Wedding Caterers!

If you can serve up some delicious food throughout the wedding day, you’re sure to have happy guests. Even better if you hire one of these Austin, Texas wedding caterers that serve amazing meals in creative ways. 

Meet Catering with a Twist and Grazeology – two incredibly cool catering companies in Austin that can help elevate your wedding cuisine through phenomenal flavors and artistic displays. 

Who is Catering with a Twist? 

I started Catering with a Twist to bring a creative experience to Austin, bringing Art to Catering in a way that no other is offering. We dedicate ourselves to the little details, offering design options for our clients to choose for the overall catering display, which brings their vision and décor to the catering aspect. Everything we do is home-made, fresh, and as local as possible. 

Who is Grazeology? 

I started Grazeology out of this love and passion, not only for food and cheese but for bringing people together through my grazing tables. Think of our grazing tables as the better, bigger, bolder version of a cheeseboard. Regardless of the length, all angles will be gorgeous, full of color through different foods, and most importantly, centered around the stars of the show – the cheese! Our grazing tables are show stoppers, conversation starters (you never know who you’ll meet over a piece of Brie!), and deliciously crafted tables with the freshest of ingredients. Most would agree that they are an “edible piece of art”.

What do you love most about your work?

Catering with a Twist: Working with our clients to create a phenomenal catering experience. To us, it’s more than just the food, it’s an overall experience. If you were to ask Lexy (our Executive Chef) what she loves, it’s when she has the creative freedom to design a menu that speaks to the client’s personality.

Grazeology: I love to see how [the guests’] eyes brighten up as they travel down the table experiencing the different flavors and pairings and colors, and most importantly, how strangers become acquaintances over a piece of cheese! I love to see these encounters take place and how they carry on for the rest of the evening.

Hands of bride and groom point to the items on a cheese, nut, and fruit grazing table provided by Grazeology in Austin, Texas. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen to promote how to have an epic reception with these Austin, Texas wedding caterers.

What’s your favorite part of working within the wedding industry? 

Catering with a Twist: Probably cliché, but the honor of being a part of such an important day in the lives of our couples and families. Also, just like this blog, all our fellow wedding professionals are so supportive and creative, it’s just fun!

Grazeology: The support within the community. Not only towards “friendors” but towards couples. There are couples that create such a strong bond with their vendors that they become friends even after their wedding is over. Love it!

What trends in wedding catering are you loving right now? 

Catering with a Twist: Colorful and bright food is super fun right now and we always LOVE the interactive stations where we get to prepare guests’ food in front of them and build their perfect plate. Also, we are finding that couples aren’t feeling restricted by rules and traditions, going outside the box, and actually serving their favorite food – like pizza! YES, we have a pizza station and it’s been a big hit at weddings.

Grazeology: How cheesemakers are now putting emphasis on the aesthetics of the cheeses, by making cheese covered in dried edible flowers or in shapes other than round. A few of the more impactful tables I have created are composed of cheeses in the shape of a triangle, heart, or flower. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Catering with a Twist: Following some of our favorite caterers in other markets, and Pinterest is always great, as long as we take it for what it is and tweak the inspiration to benefit our needs.  We also go to catering conferences to stay on top of trends and new ideas.

Grazeology: Colors inspire me, flavors inspire me, cheese pairings inspire me. But going to local farmers markets always gives me new ideas!

What should clients know before they work an Austin, Texas Wedding Caterers?

Catering with a Twist: Since we create everything from scratch, and with the elevated level of detail that goes into our décor, we like to start with a chat, get to know the couple. Our process is thorough and detailed, so at the end of the day, you are left with a catering experience to brag about.

A letter board with the wedding reception menu provided by Catering With a Twist in Austin, Texas. Photography by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen to promote how to have an epic reception with these Austin, Texas wedding caterers.

Grazeology: One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How big should the grazing table be?”.  We recommend that if the grazing table is to be set for cocktail hour, where a meal is followed by it, to opt for a smaller size grazing table (example: if total guest count is 100, go for a table for 70 guests instead). If the table will be the main meal, then go by the total guest count. Regardless of the size, our tables are what cheese dreams are made of!

What can clients expect when working with you? 

Catering with a Twist: A thorough and detailed process. Not only do we have a food menu to see our creative options, but we also have a design menu where you get to pick your options. It’s super fun!

Grazeology: Excellent communication, attention to detail, awesome customer service, creativity,  and lots of cheesy goodness!

What goes into creating a couple’s wedding vision? 

Catering with a Twist: Communication, communication, communication! Sharing pictures or a Pinterest board is always super helpful.

Grazeology: The couple shares with me their mood/inspo board, but they trust my vision of the grazing table (for which I am ever thankful for!). I use styling pieces and foliage to match their wedding aesthetics, but ultimately, it is up to me to create something unique for them during set-up. However, I am ever respectful if they want to see something specific on their tables.

How far in advance should a couple book with you? 

Catering with a Twist: The sooner the better! I know a lot of places say 6-9 months, however, our market is not like most, so truly the sooner the better.

Grazeology: 6-12 months in advance. 

Looking for more information about choosing a caterer for your big day? Check out my blog: How to Find the Right Wedding Caterer for Your Big Day or contact me using the buttons below!

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