Close up of whimsical bohemian bouquet by Gypsy Floral and Events, an Austin, TX floral designer. Image overlaid with text that reads 3 Wedding Florists You Need to Know About in Austin, Texas. Image by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

3 Austin, Texas Wedding Florists You Need to Know About

Christian Dior said that, “After women, flowers are the most divine creation,” and when you look at how flowers can bring an event to life, you can see just how divine they are. 

Today, we’re talking flowers with three of Austin’s stand-out wedding floral designers. These brilliant boutiques offer couples full-service floral design and help brides and grooms create unique wedding experiences through the beauty of flowers. 

In this interview, you’ll meet Flora Fetish, Wildly Cultivated, and Gyspy Floral & Events. Learn what makes these designers’ hearts sing and how they can help your wedding visions bloom. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your business! 

Flora Fetish: We are an event and wedding floral design company with one of the biggest decor inventories in Austin. Our collective backgrounds in floral design, fine arts, journalism, and the nonprofit world help us approach our clients’ floral dreams with an educated and thoughtful point of view. We are committed to creating unique and engaging floral experiences for our clients with expertly crafted floral designs, color palettes, textures, and all the details that make their vision truly come to life – all with full hearts, big smiles, and a whole lot of laughter!

Wildly Cultivated: I’m Jennifer, the owner and lead designer of Wildly Cultivated. I grew up on a small flower farm in North Carolina where I was instilled with a love for horticulture. I went on to study art history and spent a number of years traveling and living abroad. In 2015, I decided to combine my floral knowledge and design background by establishing Wildly Cultivated. Our work is heavily inspired by the season and we take an organic, garden-style approach to our designs. We specialize in weddings and special events in Austin and greater central Texas.

Gypsy Floral & Events: We’re passionate, free spirited, and artful individuals who love drawing beauty and design from nature. Our design aesthetic ranges from romantic and ethereal to english garden whimsy to straight up Austin funk. We’ve been in the industry since 2011 and we’re constantly learning and adapting to the always changing world!

Lush overhanging flowers at a luxurious wedding reception decorated by Flora Fetish, an Austin based floral designer. image by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

What do you love most about being an Austin, Texas wedding florist? 

Flora Fetish: What’s not to love? Finding solutions to complicated design or mechanical ideas, sharing kindness and joy through our floral designs, COLOR (of course), the AH-HA moment, and transforming flower doubters into floral enthusiasts. These are a few of our favorite things.

Wildly Cultivated: I really enjoy the design process. From consulting with our clients, to taking inspiration from the season or the wedding location, I love finding ways to create fresh and unique designs for all of our couples.

Gypsy Floral & Events: Being able to create something new every single day. We get so much fulfillment out of tailoring our designs for each client and being able to see a project through from beginning to end. 

What’s your favorite part of working within the wedding industry? 

Flora Fetish: Creating friendships with other florists and wedding vendors all over the country! We love attending workshops and conferences to continue our life-long education and embrace community over competition.

Wildly Cultivated: I get to be a part of one of the most significant days in a person’s life. It makes me feel great excitement and responsibility in equal measure.

Gypsy Floral & Events: Working aside so many creative business professionals. We find ourselves inspired every day working with our talented vendor friends! Also, shout out to the floral industry where women dominate!

Where do you find the most floral inspiration? 

Flora Fetish: We love looking at other floral designers’ work from all around the globe to see what is new and exciting in the floral design world. Seeing something from another designer’s perspective is always a great jumping off point for new ideas of our own. We also draw inspiration from fine art, textiles, nature, music, and of course each other!

Wildly Cultivated: Nature and 17th century Dutch still-life paintings.

Gypsy Floral & Events: In nature! Always! So many of our installations are inspired by the natural movement of a limb or vines growing up trees or the wisteria hanging from a pergola. I think a lot of florists can relate to this!

What wedding floral trends are you loving right now? 

Flora Fetish: Individualism! Each client and event is so unique and we love that there is no right or wrong way to approach the design for it.

A whimsical wedding bouquet by Gypsy Floral and Events, an Austin based floral designer. Image by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Wildly Cultivated: Color! White, blush, and neutral tones are classic and timeless, undoubtedly, but I have a number of brides embracing fun and interesting color palettes this year.

Gypsy Floral & Events: Simplicity and intentionality! Ikebana arrangements are a perfect example of that because they only have a few blooms in a vase, so you have to be very intentional when placing each stem to ensure you’re creating enough depth and movement. We love structural installations with simple ingredients too!

What goes into creating a couple’s wedding vision? 

Flora Fetish: We like to ask our clients how they want their event to FEEL. It is really easy to see something that has already been done and just copy it and call it a day, but we like to take our clients’ overall vision and delve into the why. We use our combined experiences, knowledge, and creativity to educate and guide our clients toward a cohesive and thought through design.

Wildly Cultivated: As I’ve mentioned before, I take into consideration the time of year our couples are getting married, as well as their ceremony location. I also spend time with couples discussing their ideas, what’s most important to them, how they want their guests to feel, and the overall vibe they want their wedding to convey. These factors all weigh heavily on the designs we execute for our couples.

Gypsy Floral & Events: We’ll take a few inspirational images that the couple has provided and then we follow our intuition to propose a unique design for their wedding. It’s always helpful to have a color palette and a few flower picks from a couple, but it’s so nice when the couple allows us to have some wiggle room to play with the overall design.

Is there anything you’d like clients to know before they come to you? 

Flora Fetish: Come with an open mind! You don’t have to have everything figured out, we are here to have fun and help you realize your vision even if you don’t know what it is yet!

Wildly Cultivated: You don’t need to know anything about flowers before starting the process of designing your wedding flowers because we do! Flowers are a product of nature so at least a small amount of open mindedness and flexibility are necessary. If, for example, that peony you had your heart set on isn’t available the month you’re getting married, I can assure you there’s a garden rose that will knock your socks off!

Gypsy Floral & Events: Understanding that floral and event design is a process, so being able to see an initial design and be able to modify it with ease. Know your budget, but provide some wiggle room to allow your floral designer to create something spectacular and unique for your wedding.

What can clients expect when working with you? 

Flora Fetish: We are here for YOU! From our very first contact, we are here to help, educate, guide, advise, troubleshoot, and make the entire process as worry-free and fun as possible for you. Every single client can come to our studio for a consultation, design guidance, table mockups, and receives a custom-tailored proposal chock full of inspiration images, notes, and line-item cost breakdowns. After booking us we will communicate with you and your planner as needed to refine and finalize any design details and coordinate all day-of activities. We always come over-prepared with back up plans and extras of everything on the day-of in case of emergencies. Our insured and uniformed setup teams are expertly trained, experienced, and come prepared with can-do attitudes and big smiles. Oh, and of course FLOWERS!

Image of a modern altar decorated with flowers and arrangements from Wildly Cultivated Floral Design, an Austin based floral designer. Image by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Wildly Cultivated: We offer full-service design for our clients, beginning with an initial consultation and a design proposal through the delivery, installation, and breakdown of your flowers on your wedding day.

Gypsy Floral & Events: Our full attention! While we’re constantly working with several clients, we like to be as responsive and helpful as possible!

How far in advance should a couple book with you? 

Flora Fetish: Our clients typically come to us in the 6-8 month range. But we book brides anywhere from a year to 2 months ahead of time. It all depends on where they are in the planning process.

Wildly Cultivated: Six to eight months in advance is ideal.

Gypsy Floral & Events: We recommend 8-12 months before to ensure we’re available on their wedding date. Since we’re a small boutique florist we try to take 1 – 2 weddings a weekend to maintain our quality standards. But, we can certainly take couples a month or two out if we’re available. Sometimes, these couples can be the most fun to work with because they’re spontaneous and tend to give us some freedom in the color palette and design.

What tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day? 

Flora Fetish: Your wedding is more than just a day. Yes, it is a very important day, but the process leading up to it, and the rest of your life that happens after it, are JUST as important! Listen to each other, be kind to each other, involve each other, love each other, go with the flow, and have fun!

Wildly Cultivated: It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae involved in planning a wedding, not to mention the pressure and expectations that can go along with it. Try to remember what this is all ultimately about and step back if you need to reconnect with what’s important. 

Gypsy Floral & Events: Give yourself and vendors grace! Not everything will turn out perfectly, but that’s okay. For example, we had a wedding last spring that was on one of the rainiest days of the year. So, instead of having the ceremony floral installation grow up a tree on the lawn, we made a makeshift growing arrangement on a covered porch and it turned out better than the original idea! Remember, that’s why you hired professional problem solvers!

Interested in other Austin, Texas wedding vendors for your big day? I know several I’d happily recommend!

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