A bride and groom hold hands and pose at Barr Mansion, an Austin, Texas wedding venue. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

11 Need-to-Know Austin, Texas Wedding Venues

There is no shortage of amazing and unique wedding venues in Austin, Texas. This is a great thing since booking a venue is an essential component of the wedding planning process! However, the abundance of venue options can also be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve collected a treasure trove of information on some of the best Austin, Texas wedding venues!

Here, you’ll get to know some of the best Austin, Texas wedding venues so that you can get to know the people behind them and what makes them stand out options. There is a venue for every style and to suit every need, so take your time, explore all of your options, and have fun finding the perfect fit!

Tell us a little about yourself and your Austin, Texas wedding venues. 

The Contemporary Austin: The Contemporary Austin offers two unique locations for ceremonies and receptions, rehearsal dinners, elopements, celebrations of life, reunions, meetings, and corporate parties. Laguna Gloria is a historic landmark site located only five miles from downtown on beautiful Lake Austin. It features outdoor sculptures by renowned international artists, a gorgeous natural landscape, and historic ties to Texas culture. The Jones Center is a stunning contemporary art space in the heart of downtown. It’s located on 7th Street and Congress Avenue and is in close proximity to many Austin hot spots. The architecturally-renowned Moody Rooftop features open-air, panoramic views of downtown and the Capitol, and the iconic sculptural installation With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work in Progress) by artist Jim Hodges.

Pearl Snap Hall & Gardens: I’m an artist, designer, and stylist. For years I also officiated weddings (I performed over 500 in 5 years!). So, creating a venue was an obvious next step for me to combine these two worlds. When my husband and I found this old dilapidated 1910 church in Georgetown, we knew it needed a little love and a lot of elbow grease. We brought it back to its original glory and then took it a step further! There are little gems everywhere that add to the AMAZING all-day-long natural light (something you can’t buy!).

Dove Hollow Estate: Dove Hollow Estate is a Wedding and Event Venue in Longview, TX. It’s created, owned, and operated by sister team Madlyn Lackey and Natalie Calloway. To say this venue is a labor of love would be quite the understatement. Every whitewashed board in Dove was painted by us, with the help of our incredibly supportive husbands. The front flower beds were also built by us and our parents, and we also hung the four teardrop chandeliers that are hanging in the great room. It may sound cliche, but there is literal blood, sweat, and tears in this barn. The venue property is nestled up next to our parent’s homestead, where we and our brother were raised, so Dove Hollow Estate holds a very special place in our hearts. We are currently building a chapel addition to the property, so we are thrilled to be growing our business!

A bride and groom smile at each other during their reception at Mercury Hall, one of the many Austin, Texas wedding venues. Image by Nikk Nguyen Photo, an Austin, TX wedding photographer.

Mercury Hall: Mercury Hall sits on 4 acres just off South First street. It has a hill country feel but in the heart of Austin. 

Lucky Arrow Retreat: My name is Mike Paclik. I’m a true Austinite, not a transplant. I went to Anderson High School and graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Construction Science from the College of Architecture. I’ve been in the design-build business since 1999. 

The Allan House: The Allan House is a charming Victorian home located in downtown Austin. It served as a private residence for most of its life from 1883 – 1999, when the current owners purchased the property and it underwent a complete restoration. Keeping the historical integrity of the property was of the utmost importance during that process. In 2000, The Allan House reopened as a special event venue and has since hosted thousands of weddings and events. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business! I (Juliana Ross) took over operations in 2012 and since then, we have expanded and opened a second venue located in South Austin, Brodie Homestead. We pride ourselves on our beautiful and unique historic spaces, being able to give new life to these buildings, and providing excellent customer service to our clients. 

Barr Mansion: We are a full-service event venue and are the first and only event venue in the nation to have a full organic certification. We’re dedicated to being a green facility, so in addition to being fully organic, we’re also zero-waste. Our goal is to host the most amazing weddings with as little environmental impact as possible.

Prospect House: Our venue was founded on the principle that there’s an intrinsic value to an architect – and landscape architect-designed spaces that are specific to a purpose and a site. We wanted to create a minimal, modern, design-forward venue in a beautiful Hill Country setting. To do so, we sought out a really talented design and construction team who ultimately are the ones responsible for making this place as special as it is.

The Addison Grove & The Ivory Oak: The Addison Grove and The Ivory Oak are two gorgeous venues located in the Texas Hill Country. It has been an exciting experience to see both venues unfold from conception to completion alongside the Heyens family. 

the LINE Hotel: I’ve been in the wedding and events industry for 8+ years and I still learn something from each and every event. The industry is constantly evolving so it’s impossible to get bored with it. Working events – particularly weddings – at the hotel has been such a great experience as each and every department comes together to ensure a fabulous experience, not only for the bride and groom but for the entire wedding group.

Justine’s Secret House: Justine’s Secret House is our very hush-hush, opulent Victorian house with a New Orleans style garden, all hidden away on East 7th Street. Part Chateau Marmont, part haunted New Orleans Victorian, part Parisian salon, this space is exclusively used for private events. 

What do you love most about your work? 

The Contemporary Austin: I love seeing couples in all stages of the wedding process! Proposals, engagement photo sessions, initial planning, bridal session, final planning, and then on the big day! It’s fun to see the journey!

A bride and groom hold hands while walking down the aisle at smiling at Dove Hollow Estate, one of the incredible Austin, Texas wedding venues. Image by Nikk Nguyen Photo, an Austin, TX wedding photographer.

Pearl Snap Hall & Gardens: I love seeing people enjoying themselves and having important life moments in a space that I’ve created and nurtured.

Dove Hollow Estate: We love being a part of one of the most important days in people’s lives. It is such a wonderful feeling being able to contribute to their special day. On the business side, we love being our own bosses and running our business together, as we are very close sisters and best friends.

What’s your favorite part of working within the wedding industry? 

Mercury Hall: The people! It truly brings me so much joy to see a bride light up on her wedding day. Also, all the vendors in Austin are just really great to work with.

Lucky Arrow Retreat: I enjoy hearing about the creative ideas our clients and their planners come up with for each event. No two events are ever the same. 

The Allan House: Getting to collaborate with so many amazing creatives, small, local businesses, and female-owned businesses to create amazing things every week!

Where do you find the most inspiration? 

Barr Mansion: I actually find most of my inspiration in the personality of the client. After having a conversation with them, their personalities and love for each other paint an image of what they want on their wedding day. On the more basic side of things, I also live on Pinterest.

Prospect House: Architecture, nature, and photography.

The Addison Grove & The Ivory Oak: I find the most inspiration spending time with my sister, Bethany. She is the lead floral designer for Native Bloom. We love to talk shop and bounce ideas off one another. It makes working in the industry that much sweeter!

What wedding trends are you loving right now? 

The Contemporary Austin: I’m loving acrylic elements, bright reds and blues (classic blue, Pantone color of the year!), flowers dyed in unusual or unnatural colors, food stations, and cocktail-style receptions instead of fully seated.

the LINE Hotel: Bright, vibrant colors! Our event spaces are so unique in their own way and we love when clients have a loud vision with florals and décor, as it really brings out the colors in our event spaces. Another trend we don’t think goes out of style is lots and lots of candles. Romance is key!

Justine’s Secret House: Though very fun, we try and transcend trends. We love the classic and unique!

What goes into creating a couple’s wedding vision? 

Pearl Snap Hall & Gardens: We wanted to create an elegant “blank slate” where clients could do as much, or, more importantly, as little, as they want. Pearl Snap Hall is simply gorgeous as is! This allows a couple to come in and put their touches on it without having to do a bunch of work to get it up to speed. We have lots of resources to help clients execute their vision:  architectural renderings with furniture to scale, photos of previous events, a Pinterest board with ideas, and a seasoned venue manager who has been with us since we opened. 

A bride and groom smile while walking during their reception at the LINE Hotel. Photo by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Dove Hollow Estate: Being the venue, we are the first decision in this process. We are the backdrop to this special moment, so we made sure to create our venue with ample natural light (so important for pictures!), and paid special attention to every detail when building our space. We hope that when our couples tour our space, they can envision their dream wedding come to life at Dove Hollow Estate.

Mercury Hall: First off, your style. Then I think it’s super helpful to create a vision board and pull together images that you love, but knowing what specifically about those images it is that you want to recreate with your own spin on it.

What can clients expect when working with this Austin, Texas wedding venue? 

Lucky Arrow Retreat: Clients want to have a wedding at Lucky Arrow because our rooms are unique and impeccably put together. And where else can you go in the Texas Hill Country where you can have a 2-3 day destination wedding with Hill Country views, lodging for up to 132 guests, event space, and a heated pool, hot tubs, and all next door to a winery and brewery?

The Allan House: Excellent customer service, candid opinions, and a collaborative approach with vendors that we have found get the best results in the end.

Barr Mansion: Expertise – we have the ability to make things happen and make sure things go smoothly. We can guide you through the process or let you take the lead. We’re willing and flexible to accommodate your personal style.

Is there anything you’d like clients to know before they come to you?

Prospect House: We try to support clients’ design ideas by being as flexible as possible with our setup, layout, and installation options. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to ask!

The Addison Grove & The Ivory Oak: Planning a wedding is a full-time job. We have so much information at our fingertips. That said, if my client does not know what direction they would like to go in, I am here to help. We can start from the very beginning and decide on colors, textures, flavors, etc. and create a vision board from the ground up. That said, if they come to me with a full Pinterest board, that is fine too!

the LINE Hotel: It’s always helpful for our clients to have a general sense of the brand and culture of our hotel. I love to give clients a sneak peek at what our event spaces and menus look like before we meet in person for an initial meeting. I think giving them the “inside scoop” only heightens the anticipation to come in to see everything in person!

How far in advance should a couple book your venue? 

The Contemporary Austin: Nine months to one year is plenty of time.

A bride and groom embrace at the altar at Prospect House. Photo by Nikk Nguyen Photo, an Austin, TX wedding photographer.

Pearl Snap Hall & Gardens: We are generally booking about a year in advance.

Justine’s Secret House: 6 months is always a good lead time, but you never know when a date is open.

Any tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day? 

Dove Hollow Estate: At our venue, we do not require any specific vendors to be hired, so we always recommend that our couples choose quality vendors who provide as many services/rentals as possible. We always try to point them in the right direction by offering our extensive preferred vendor list. For example, if the florist has a large inventory and can bring candles and decor items along with the floral arrangements, this will be easier on the bride and groom. Another example – if catering can bring linens, place settings, and also handle the bartending, this checks off a lot of boxes in the planning process at one time! 

Mercury Hall: Take a deep breath and just try to take the time to enjoy it all. We live in an imperfect world, so not every single thing will go as planned (even for the best-laid plans with rock star planners) and at the end of the day, you’ll have married your love. 

Lucky Arrow Retreat: Come prepared with an idea for a number of guests. DJ or band? Who will cater the event? Sunday brunch?

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