Austin Wedding Venue Springdale Station

One of the highlights of shooting weddings in a city like Austin is that you are never short of innovative, creative, and playful venues to capture. I love that about this city: it thrives on artistry – and you see that woven into the DNA of every couple I work with! Springdale Station is always a privilege to shoot. It is one of the most unusual and intriguing venues that the city has to offer: perfect for any couple looking for a distinct and unique occasion to mark their big day! 

An Eye For Vintage

Springdale Station is an ode to history. It is brimming with stories and details that harken back to previous generations. The venue is a fusion of two historic train stations: the original Springdale Station, which dates back to the turn of the century, and Pine Street Station, a 1920’s railway station that originally stood in Downtown Austin until it was transplanted to live here, in East Austin. 

The two historic buildings are fused together with a beautiful stained glass structure – which is ornate and stunning (the perfect backdrop to a ceremony, or a photographer’s dream portrait location!). This stained glass tells its own story:  it was brought in from a railway station in Indiana.

Every Detail Counts

Throughout the venue there are dainty vintage details that catch the eye and add to the stunning aesthetic. There are handsome vintage brass lamps from a 1939 Pullman Car. There are an assortment of vintage lights that speckle the outside area.

The main event in the courtyard is a traditional old railroad awning. It’s sparse and industrial – remodeled in such a way that it feels chic and striking.

The net result is that Springdale Station truly is a stunning venue that feels utterly unique – it is truly a one of a kind situation, fit for a wedding day like none other. The train station theme runs true throughout, with old ‘Crossing’ signs decorating the courtyard area.

Springdale Station: Amenity Details

One of the biggest selling points about Springdale Station is its versatility. It contains two large event halls (with a total of 4,300 square feet of floor space), each of which has stunning floor-length windows and hardwood floors. These provide a great transition from ceremony to reception, with an easy flow from one space to the other as the wedding evening carries on. On top of this, for Summer weddings, there is an acre of perfect outdoor space (with the added coverage of the awning – should there be any risk of rain!). This outdoor area is often used for events and art shows – but can be a perfect situation for an outdoor ceremony. 

Springdale Station has lovely little bridal suites, providing an easy solution to the wedding morning. There is enough space for both the bride and groom to have their privacy, as well as to host the flurry of the wedding party and key family members for a morning breakfast! 

There are 300 available seats for a sit-down reception meal, as well as bistro tables and bars for the exterior space and courtyard.  The rooms are accented by their original exposed wood trusses which have been lovingly brought back to life. There are glistening mid century chandeliers, and additional lighting options available. 

An Austin Favorite 

Located only 5 minutes from Downtown Austin, Springdale Station has established itself as an East Austin favorite since it opened its doors four years ago. 

One of the reasons that Springdale Station is perfect for so many styles of events, including weddings, is that there are great affordable packages with freedom on catering and bar options. This makes it a highly cost effective option for couples who want the freedom to be able to opt into a more ‘do it yourself’ style wedding day. 

I believe it is one of the best venues that the city can boast of! As a photographer who cares about capturing timeless moments, the opportunity to shoot in a venue that is steeped in history and stands still in time, like this one does, is a dream.

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