Nikk Nguyen Photo Recommends Brodie Homestead as Your Wedding Venue, Austin Residents

Nikk Nguyen Photo has had the opportunity to photograph some lovely wedding ceremonies over the years, and that’s why we’re the go-to for residents of Austin, TX when you’re looking for the ideal venue to host your big day. One of the ones that we particularly enjoy is Brodie Homestead. Located near the Sunset Valley Marketfair, this Austin mainstay will turn your wedding into an unforgettable occasion. It’s where modern elegance meets rustic charm so that the best elements of both can come to the forefront.

Why Choose Brodie Homestead for Your Wedding, Austin?

Since Brodie Homestead opened its doors, it has become a fixture of the downtown Austin area. It’s urban chic, a completely restored historic barn property that has been around since the 1940s. It was repurposed in 2014 as a venue for all kinds of gatherings, but it’s no surprise that wedding parties often choose it for the ceremony and the reception. The Homestead is large enough to accommodate even the most extensive guest lists, so have no fear if you’ve invited everyone you know. There’s space for all.  

The Barn is the Centerpiece of the Property

The Brodie Homestead was built by John and Charlotte Weaver, who were much beloved by the entire city of Austin. The barn once housed donkeys, cattle, and horses, but a three-year renovation has transformed it into a cathedral-like setting that’s sure to take your breath away the first time you see it in person.

The stone walls are original to the barn, but the wood for the ceiling and floor has been mostly repurposed from the Weaver family home. A kitchen has been installed that’s just right for catering, and the former haylofts are now changing suites with their own private restrooms. You’ll love the recycled maple gymnasium floors and the six stunning crystal chandeliers.

There’s an Indoor and Outdoor Component

While this venue is considered one of the better indoor wedding venues in Austin, your guests can take things outside in the cool of the evening as well. After you’ve said your vows and dinner has been served, your friends and relatives can step outside the barn and continue celebrating under the stars if they’d care to do so. The sloping lawn with its tall, stately trees has retained the welcoming spirit of the Weavers, the previous owners who loved this property so much. 

Let Nikk Nguyen Photo Commemorate Your Special Occasion

The Brodie Homestead may end up being just what you were looking for, but be sure that Nikk Nguyen Photo is on hand to capture the many memorable moments that are sure to take place during the ceremony, the reception, and throughout the night of celebration. From the cutting of the cake to the first dance between the newlyweds, we’ll be there to capture the spirit of the festivities. We invite you to peruse our extensive portfolio so you can see why we’re the wedding photographers that Austin trusts for this most vital of tasks.