Nikk Nguyen Photo Recommends the Chapel Dulcinea for Your Wedding

Nikk Nguyen Photo has been privileged to meet many happy couples in Austin, TX and take pictures for them on the day when they proclaim their love and devotion to one another for everyone to see. If you’re hunting for a unique venue for your wedding that’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience, then we recommend Chapel Dulcinea, centrally located just twenty minutes southwest of downtown Austin. Those who are on a budget will swoon over this selection because use of the Chapel is absolutely free!

Why is Chapel Dulcinea an Ideal Choice for Your Wedding, Austin Residents?

You’re probably wondering if there’s some sort of catch. Is Chapel Dulcinea really free for couples who want to get married there? It is, though donations are happily accepted. The idea and the startup funds for it came from a couple who were married in the 1970s and had almost no money. They later decided to open a wedding chapel that was specifically intended for those who were beginning their married lives with very little in the way of financial resources. 

Let’s face it: not everyone has the money for an elaborate wedding. Austin provides many unique and wonderful cultural opportunities, but you’re not likely to find any other wedding chapel that will charge you nothing for its use. 

More Details About Chapel Dulcinea

The Chapel sits on the edge of an old walking trail on the campus of Wizard Academy, a small secondary education facility that features several classes you’re not likely to find offered by many institutions of higher learning. The Chapel is modestly sized, so it’s perfect if you want a more intimate venue for some of your family members and closest friends. 

Gas lamps, referred to as the “18 flames of Dulcinea” provide soft, glowing light for the service. There are floral designers who work with the Chapel who will be glad to furnish some bouquets of your choice, though you do have to pay for those. You can also contact one of the musicians who partners with the venue to add another element of class and stateliness to the whole affair. The Chapel’s staff will also be happy to talk with you about some nearby options where you can host the reception. 

Don’t Forget the Pictures

A wedding at Chapel Dulcinea may be the way to go if you’re budget-minded, but just because you’re not emptying your entire savings account doesn’t mean that your special day won’t be memorable for everyone involved. Because of its secluded feel as you walk along the path through the trees to reach it, you’ll get the impression that you’re entering a magical realm, and that feeling will only be reinforced when you and your partner say your vows to one another. 

Let Nikk Nguyen Photo be there to commemorate the beginning of your married lives together. We’re Austin’s most trusted wedding photographers, and we’ll be sure to deliver a collection of shots both spontaneous and staged that you’ll enjoy looking over for many years to come.