The Chateau Bellevue has Become a Favorite for Weddings in Austin, TX

Austin, TX has many historic venues and fantastic examples of architecture, but it’s not hyperbole to say that the Chateau Bellevue is one of the most awe-inspiring of any of them. For Austin residents who are looking for a place to get married that will veritably sweep them and their guests back in time, Nikk Nguyen Photo recommends this legendary, palatial building.

Why Choose the Chateau Bellevue for Your Wedding, Austin?

The Chateau Bellevue traces its origin back to 1874, and the period detail throughout the building is truly a sight to behold. From the hand-carved woodwork to the stained-glass windows, the French Romanesque arches to the grandeur of the ballroom, you won’t be able to stop exclaiming to your partner that this is the location for your matrimonial celebration that you must have. 

The courtyard grounds are a favorite spot for the exchange of vows, or if you have a longer guest list, then you might opt for the ballroom. Either way, this is an enchanting spot that is an Austin, and indeed a Texas, original. 

The Story of the Chateau

The Chateau was built by Catherine and Harvey North, newcomers to Austin in 1874, but quickly to become staples of upper-class society. Wealthy and cosmopolitan, the Norths soon finished construction on the Chateau, and it became the go-to spot for lavish parties. Harvey North, a New Orleans merchant before relocating to Austin, had traveled extensively in Europe, and his plans for the Chateau certainly owe a lot to European architecture. It would not be misleading to say that Harvey wanted a real castle on American soil in which to live. 

Though the Norths ran into money troubles and had to sell the Chateau, the later owners only added to its majestic appearance, commissioning master crafters to create rusticated limestone arches and crenelated roof fortifications for it. The guests for your wedding will enjoy wandering through the magnificently appointed rooms as they nibble on hors d’ oeuvres. When you rent the Chateau Bellevue, it sends the message that you wanted only the best for yourself and your partner on your wedding day. 

Let Nikk Nguyen Photo Capture Your Moment in Time

Any wedding is a joyous occasion, but an afternoon or an evening at the Chateau will allow you to kick off your married life in a style befitting royalty. Everything about this venue proclaims pomp and elegance, as the Chateau is every bit as photogenic as you and your guests surely will be. Let Nikk Nguyen Photo capture some timeless moments for you as your day progresses from the service to the sumptuous dinner to the dancing and celebratory toasts to follow. 

It’s a privilege living in Austin with the many cultural and historical sites in and around the city, but you’ll be living a part of history and creating your own when you book the Chateau Bellevue for your wedding. You won’t regret choosing the Chateau, and your guests will be treated to an occasion that they will never forget.