Residents of Austin, TX Should Consider the Jones Center as a Possible Wedding Venue 

Austin, TX is a vibrant community that’s attracting a lot of national attention, as its art and music scene takes a backseat to no other city in the country. It’s no wonder that so many individuals have chosen to go to school there, settle down and raise families, and vacation there so they can take advantage of the many cultural and historical sites for which the city is known. For residents of Austin who are planning on getting married, several venues make for tempting choices. Nikk Nguyen Photo recommends the Jones Center at the Contemporary Austin, a selection that perfectly encapsulates what the city is all about.

Why Have Your Wedding at the Jones Center?

The Jones Center is run by the Contemporary Austin, the state’s primary community art museum. There’s a permanent art collection, and there are also new exhibits that come through periodically featuring pieces on loan from other facilities around the world. 

The Jones Center is located on Congress Avenue in the heart of downtown Austin, and if you have guests on your list who are visiting from out of town, then there is no better way to show them why you’re so proud of your city. The skyline view from the rooftop at sunset is legendary, and it’s the perfect way to set the mood for the magical moment when you and your partner say your vows and begin your new married lives together. 

Give Your Wedding an Air of Class and Contemporary Style

When you rent out the Jones Center you get access to the roof deck’s 3,000-square-feet, and that comes with a bar, bistro tables, and protection from the elements in case there’s inclement weather. Your cocktail reception and dinner will go off without a hitch, and then you can head downstairs as night sets in.

From the roof deck, there’s easy access to the Community Room on the second floor with a view of Congress Avenue. You can enjoy this climate-controlled facility for as long as your guests want to keep the party going. There’s lots of space for a DJ or a live band if anyone wants to show off their best dance moves.

Nikk Nguyen Photo Can Be There Too

Nikk Nguyen Photo has been there to take professional-quality pictures at many wedding venues, but it’s hard to beat the Jones Center for modern elegance, a convenient location, and a sense of urban chic that will captivate young and old alike. As more people from all walks of life discover Austin and its many treasures, it’s facilities like the Jones Center that help spread word-of-mouth about how exciting and livable this city is. 

You won’t regret renting out the Jones Center for your wedding, and regardless of whether you want to keep things intimate or you’re inviting everyone you’ve ever known, there will be plenty of space to accommodate them. Let the Contemporary Austin play host as you embark on the journey that is your marriage. It’s sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.