For a Fun and Unconventional Wedding, Austin Residents Should Consider Justine’s Secret House

Part of what residents of Austin, TX love about it so much is the sense of quirkiness and fun that’s present in so many of the city’s details and venues. That’s mainly due to the prevailing art and music scene in which both residents and visitors take part. If you plan on getting married in Austin and you want a venue that’s special yet not entirely conventional, let Nikk Nguyen Photo tell you a little about Justine’s Secret House

Why Justine’s Secret House Should be High on Your List of Wedding Venues, Austin Residents

Justine’s Secret House is conveniently located on East 7th Street in the heart of Austin. The building looks rather unassuming at first, with a dark-painted wooden gate guarded by some imposing shrubbery. The naked lightbulbs strung on wires leading to the porch will announce that you’ve come to the right place, an Austin gem that feels more than a little like a speakeasy as you mount the steps. The warm, glowing lights from inside seem to indicate that you’ve arrived at a friend’s party that’s more about coziness than grandeur. 

Justine’s Secret House probably isn’t the venue for you if you plan on inviting 500 people. The courtyard is reminiscent of Louisiana’s low country, the building itself a rambling old Victorian which is rustic but still manages to retain more than a few elegant touches. This is a venue for a couple who’d like to get married in front of a handful of their family and friends, to be followed by a delicious meal and then dancing late into the night. There are plenty of wedding venues in Austin that can provide you with all of those things, but for fun, simplicity, and a stripped-down experience that’s all about charm and character, you’d do well to consider Justine’s. 

Make Your Wedding an Intimate Affair

When you choose Justine’s, you’re getting an experience that is at once a bit of French farmhouse living due to its being run by the famed Justine’s Brasserie, one of the finer purveyors of French cuisine in all of Austin, and indeed in all of the state of Texas. The loquat and palm trees will shelter your entire party for the exchange of vows, the dinner, and the dancing that is sure to follow. You have your choice of providing the catering and DJ, or you can let the venue handle all of those details. You’ll be guaranteed a sumptuous meal, and have no fear: the neighbors are used to the sounds of merriment coming from Justine’s popular little clubhouse. 

Invite Nikk Nguyen Photo to the Party

Nikk Nguyen Photo enjoys this venue because of the intimate feel and the careful attention to detail that is always so much in evidence for the weddings that take place there. We’d be privileged to handle all of the picture-taking duties for your special day, and we invite you to look over our extensive portfolio so you can get an idea of our talents.