If You Live in Austin and You’re Seeking Out a Wedding Venue, Consider the Laguna Gloria

The music and art community are thriving in Austin, TX and nowhere is that more evident than in the downtown area. The many live music venues, restaurants, and event spaces play host to all sorts of tantalizing performances that attract not just the locals but tourists from across the US and abroad. If you’re going to get married in Austin, then what venue might you wish to rent out that adequately conveys the spirit of this thriving metropolis? Nikk Nguyen Photo offers the Laguna Gloria for your consideration. 

Why Have Your Wedding at the Laguna Gloria?

The Laguna Gloria is under the auspices of the Contemporary Austin, the famed art museum that features several permanent installations as well as various exhibits that are on loan from other institutions around the world. The Laguna Gloria is available for rent, as is its kissing cousin the Jones Center. The Laguna Gloria is an award-winning venue that has hosted many formal events, including ceremonies and wedding receptions. It has earned its reputation as one of the go-to spots for Austin residents who want their nuptials to be memorable and elegant. 

The Italian-styled Driscoll Villa is where most couples who rent out the Laguna Gloria exchange their vows. There are also expansive grounds that are perfect for strolling in the cool of the evening after the ceremony has concluded. The facility has no trouble accommodating even the largest wedding parties, and the soft breeze that rolls in at night off of nearby Lake Austin is refreshing. 

Your Wedding Can Be a Part of History

Part of what makes the Laguna Gloria so special is that it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. The former home of famous Austin resident Clara Driscoll, it traces its origin back to 1916. It was the first location of the Austin Museum of Art, and quite a bit of beautiful artwork is still on display there. The site was converted and renamed the Laguna Gloria in 1961, and since then it has held a place of honor in the Austin art scene. With so many artists, musicians, and creative types that call Austin home, the venue is often in demand for not just weddings, but all kinds of other notable events as well. 

Let Nikk Nguyen Photo Capture All the Special Moments

When you rent out the Laguna Gloria for your wedding, you’ll ensure that the whole event is infused with an element of class. Make sure that your guests dress to impress because this will be a night that they’ll never forget. With the venue playing a part in the evening and Nikk Nguyen’s professional photography services taking staged and spontaneous pictures so that you’ll remember every moment, it’s hard to think of a better way to begin your married life. 

Sometimes the best part of living in Austin is that a long and illustrious history surrounds you. You can feel like a part of that history when you choose the Laguna Gloria for yourself and your partner.