If You Love Good Food in an Intimate Setting, Consider Lenoir for Your Austin Wedding Venue

It should come as no surprise to Austin, TX residents that part of what is driving the city’s cultural and artistic renaissance is the fine dining scene. Austin is full of foodies, and they’ve got plenty of restaurants from which to choose when they want a fabulous meal. If you’re getting married in Austin, though, and you’re seeking out an appropriate venue, then why not combine your passion for food and a refined atmosphere with your love for your partner? Nikk Nguyen Photo recommends Lenoir as your wedding venue. 

Why Choose Lenoir for Your Wedding, Austin? 

Located on South First Street in Austin, this venue is relatively small, but can comfortably accommodate a modest wedding party. It’s a romantic spot that features creative cuisine with strong accents of Mediterranean and Indian influence. The food tends toward flavor notes of spice and citrus rather than the heaviness of butter and cream. You can coordinate with the chef to create a unique wedding meal for you.  

Your guests can get to know each other while mingling in the wine garden before your exchange of vows. Glittering lights strung from the live oaks can shepherd your entire party into the gathering twilight, and then once you’ve declared your undying love for one another, you can all be seated around the festive table. It’s customary to have a happy hour in the wine garden, but if you’ve rented the place out, then you can enjoy many happy hours there as toasts are made and libations are drunk. 

A Little More About Lenoir

Lenoir is the brainchild of husband and wife chefs Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher. They opened it in 2012 with the idea of becoming part of the thriving farm-to-table culture of sustainable dining that was fueling Austin. They use Texan food artisans and farmers to supply their ingredients, and by doing so, they stimulate the local economy. The menu changes with the season, but they can customize your wedding selections to cater to your wants and needs. 

When you choose Lenoir as your wedding venue, you’ll be proclaiming your abiding love not only for your partner but also for the city of Austin and its culinary tradition. Texas is about more than barbecue, and your out-of-town guests will learn that on a night when the meal is one of the focal points.

Let Nikk Nguyen Photo Capture Some Timeless Moments

Good food, drink, and fellowship should be part of any memorable evening, but you’ll want plenty of pictures of your perfect night long after the taste of Lenoir’s scrumptious offerings leaves your tongue. That’s why you should hire Nikk Nguyen Photo as your wedding photographer. We enjoy shooting in more intimate settings like Lenoir, and we’ll compile an album of shots both staged and spontaneous that will enable you and your partner to look back on your evening together and smile for years to come. 

Lenoir is quintessential Austin, and so is Nikk Nguyen Photo.