couple holding hands in downtown austin during their engagement shoot in austin, texas with photographer nikk nguyen

Blissful Engagement Shoot in Austin, Texas | Jamie + Philipp

Unexpected Love Found in Austin, TX

As a wedding and engagement photographer, I love all love stories. But something about love that was found unexpectedly just makes it that much more romantic. This engagement shoot was blissful and the joy shared between them truly resonates in each photo.

Both new to Austin, Jamie & Philipp met at Kung Fu Saloon on 6th Street in 2012. Philipp had just move to Austin from Germany, while Jamie took the opportunity to move away from California to Texas. The rest, is as most people say, is history. Philipp and Jamie were inseparable, though Jamie claims they are a classic case of opposites attract.

Philipp wears tall size clothing, while Jamie scours the petite section. Jamie is an introvert; Philipp an extrovert. Philipp can’t stand a lack of variety within meals, while Jamie is fine eating the same thing daily. Jamie shares, “Despite our obvious differences, we miraculously get along. We’ve spent the past decade eating, drinking, exploring the world, and growing up together.

The Proposal

On Christmas Eve 2020, Philipp surprised Jamie by volunteering to pick up a few last minute things from the market. Jamie, though suspicious, didn’t think of it as more than just a Christmas miracle. That night, on the couch watching TV, Philipp pulled out a small turquoise box. In it? A stunning ring. Jamie shares, “I was pretty darn surprised. It was unpretentious and perfect. I definitely did not see it coming. Phil and I have been together for a while now (since 2012) and have considered ourselves an old married couple for some time.”

What They Most Look Forward To

Jamie and Philipp are looking forward to celebrating their love partying with friends and family. Jamie shared with me that she would love to fast forward to the day of. “I have a tendency to drive myself crazy with planning if I have too much time. Seeing as how the wedding industry needs a year in advance for a lot of things, I’m a little planned out at this point.

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