Couple lean into each other for a kiss during their glowing mountain elopement on the Colorado River, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photography
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Glowing Mountain Elopement in Austin, Texas | Emily + Josh

This exquisitely private mountain elopement saw Emily and Josh tying the knot on a gorgeous clifftop overlooking the Colorado River. It was just the two of them, their officiant, their videographer, and me! This kind of radical simplicity is a fun challenge for a wedding photographer – for me, it meant that there were no distractions from the couple themselves. I could capture every second of their mountain elopement as it unfolded, without worrying about tracking down and photographing all the details of a big traditional wedding.

Everything Glowed at this Mountain Elopement on the Colorado River

Josh and Emily timed their mountain elopement just right: we reached their ceremony site just as golden hour began. The light was just to die for – rich and gold, shimmering off of the river below us and lining the couple with warm haloes. It glittered on the back of the officiant’s jacket, which spelled out ‘Crone’ in beaded detailing (I loved it!)

The couple had an incredible spread set up right there at the cliffside, with a beautifully decorated table for two, full of flowers and complete with a mini cake. After exchanging vows, they toasted to their marriage and enjoyed their wedding cake right there, looking out on a view-in-a-million.

Explosive Joy as the Sun Went Down

One of my favorite moments from this mountain elopement was after the cake-cutting, when Emily and Josh scrambled down a little ledge to have their ‘first dance’ together – laughing and holding one another close, in a suit and a wedding dress, dancing on the dusty edge of a cliff. After all, it’s surreal and beautiful moments like this that make elopements so wonderful to be a part of! Finally, they popped a bottle of bubbly and toasted one another as the sun went down. Perfect.

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