Newly wed bride and groom walk way from the camera down a side walk towards a lake at Lake Buchanan in Texas while looking at each other. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

7 Creative Wedding Photography Ideas to Boost Your Portfolio

As a photographer, you are creative by nature. A photo is a piece of artwork, a moment frozen in time, something way more poetic than just a collection of pixels. Maybe you’ve been a professional wedding photographer for years or perhaps your wedding photography side gig is something you’d like to focus on more. Whatever your situation, it never hurts to boost your portfolio with a collection of creative wedding shots that will wow future clients.

These creative wedding photo ideas go beyond the typical shots couples expect. They are more artistic, expressive, and will give your portfolio the boost it deserves. Not only will you love getting to flex your creative muscles, your couples and potential clients will fall in love with the unique touches you’re able to add to their wedding albums.

1. Pair photos to capture motion in a diptych.

Instead of taking single shots of active moments (like the bouquet toss), take consecutive photos that you can then later pair together. This captures motion in an interesting way and tells more of a story than a single photo.

Mother of the bride fastens back of brides dress while both stand next to a window. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

2. Capture silhouettes with shadow.

Just as the use of black and white can create dramatic photos, playing with shadow and light can also create a bit of dramatic flair. Experiment with using spotlights and shadows to create stunning silhouettes, then apply your skills on the wedding day.

3. Incorporate texture in romantic moments.

Make use of the bride’s veil by having her and her partner kiss underneath it. Photograph the moment in black and white, as well as in color, for a variety of beautiful shots.

Pair of wedding high heels on a wooden table in front of bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquet in glass jars in the background. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

4. Shoot the hidden details and in-between moments.

The couple may say they don’t care about getting photos of the family walking from the getting ready suites to the outdoor ceremony space, but make it your job to remember the importance of these moments and capture them. You can also look for those interesting hidden details to photograph, like the bride’s shoes and groomsmen’s socks.

5. Use levels for more interesting formals.

You’ll likely take traditional wedding formals where the family and wedding party line up for group shots, but you can add a creative twist to the traditional by incorporating levels. Maybe that means making use of a staircase or stacks of wood or rocks. Look around the venue space to see if there are ways you can add visual interest through levels and staggering to your group shots.

6. Create interesting shots using location and perspective.

Sometimes getting a great wedding photo means something as simple as an angle change. You could take an aerial shot of the ceremony, use a drone to capture a huge group shot, or use locations that create interesting views: a cliffside, in a tree, underwater, inside a cave, etc.

Smiling bride in white dress slung over the shoulder of the groom as he walks across the grass. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

7. Capture the emotion through motion.

There are several ways to photograph emotion, drama, and beauty through the use of motion. Ask the bride and/or bridesmaids to twirl in their dresses, capture the falling confetti thrown during the couple’s exit, shoot candid shots during the toasts, photograph guests dancing, use the wind to capture the bride’s flowing veil, work with a long shutter speed to photograph a sparkler or colorful smoke bomb trail. Seizing these moments is like putting together a collection of poetry in motion…that’s also frozen in time!

When you incorporate these ideas into your wedding photography, you’ll add a new level of creativity to your photographer’s portfolio. Plus, you’ll have gone above and beyond in pleasing your clients and that’s a reward in itself.

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