Engaged couple walking with their arms wrapped around each other as future groom looks causally into the distance and bride tilts her head and touches her hat. Photograph taken in Marfa, Texas by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.
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Desert Engagement Shoot in Marfa, Texas | Courtney + Robert

A wedding proposal is one of life’s most memorable moments

As a wedding photographer, I hear all kinds of proposal stories – from grand gestures to romantic dinners; majestic getaways to being surrounded by friends and family. However, there is something so special about the proposals that take place in the comfort of the home or, in this case, cozied up in a hotel room. 

A special proposal with a mothers’ engagement ring

Courtney and Robert had just arrived in Canada. Robert had planned a special dinner to pop the question but, unfortunately, Courtney was sick, so they stayed back at the hotel and ordered room service. Robert decided that he just couldn’t wait any longer to propose. He began to read a personal mission statement that he wrote. He asked her, “Do you know what’s missing from this?” She responded, “Me?!” and as she looked up, he pulled a handmade leather case from his pocket with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ carved into it. “YES!” Courtney crawled across the bed in tears and disbelief as she gazed upon her mothers’ engagement ring that her father originally proposed with. “It was such a special and surreal moment – one I will never forget,” Courtney said.

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A rustic, desert engagement shoot in Marfa, Texas

I shot Courtney and Rob’s engagement photos in the desert in Marfa, Texas at the Lost Horse Saloon and Hombres Burgers. I had so much fun capturing their love on camera. The rustic, desert location was so unique and they OWNED the photo session with their smiles, smoldering model faces, and a wardrobe change that was just epic! I asked them what makes their relationship so special and they both agreed that it was their willingness to work through anything that comes their way. Courtney and Robert are looking forward to experiencing their wedding day together and planning every detail in a way that represents their relationship and connection. I’m so excited for these two and their journey ahead!

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