Groom kisses bride from behind as she smiles while holding her floral bouquet during their elopement in Austin, TX
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Free-Spirited Downtown Austin Elopement | Sarah + Tommy

A private, intimate Austin elopement

One of the reasons that elopements appeal to some couples is the privacy. In a big wedding, sometimes it can feel like you’re putting on a show for everyone there. Some people love the sense that they’re sharing one of life’s most important moments with all of their friends and family, but some couples find the idea of several hundred pairs of eyes on them to be pretty distracting or even nerve-wracking! I love the way that eloping lets you really hone in on your connection to each other, without interruptions. Sarah and Tommy felt the same, and they decided to celebrate their love privately, with an Austin elopement that allowed them to focus fully on the present moment with each other.

They might not have wanted all the details of a huge wedding, but they still wanted photos! So we decided to mark the occasion with an incredible downtown Austin elopement photoshoot. We headed out into the city and had an amazing day hanging out and capturing all the love and fun that these two share.

Best of both worlds

One thing I loved about this shoot was how these guys could switch so effortlessly from being goofy and fun to looking so regal and striking. Sarah’s “wedding dress” look was an amazing black gown with a dramatic neckline – I don’t know how many brides could pull off celebrating their wedding in a black dress, but for this Austin elopement, it was the perfect fit. The photos from this session range from playful and candid all the way to an almost editorial atmosphere: the perfect reflection of this free-spirited, beautiful Austin elopement.

Looking for a wedding or an elopement photographer for yourself? Get in touch! I’d love to spend a day capturing your love story.

Before you jump into the photos, check out what this couple had to say about working with me:

Highly recommend Nikk for any portrait session. We just had Nikk take our elopement photos and they came out amazing. Nikk is great at finding unique backdrops to make your photos look one-of-a-kind. He does this all while keeping the vibes extremely professional and chill. It was a seamless evening with him behind the camera. Thank you, Nikk!”

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