Bride and groom sharing an embrace during their Downtown Austin wedding, taken by modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

7 Downtown Austin Wedding Venues (Top Picks For 2023)

As far as I go, weddings are not just about taking vows and exchanging rings. They’re an experience for people to cherish with each other. The thing is, wedding venues play a big part in that feeling, in that dream. So, maybe I can help you a little with that. Being an Austin-based wedding photographer, I’ve done my fair share of shooting weddings at various downtown Austin wedding venues. So now, let me tell you a little bit about the best ones.

The Best Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

Downtown Austin has a nice blend of neat history, cool architecture, and modern infusions.

 Whether you want to have your wedding in a luxury hotel, somewhere historical, or a modern event space, these are the downtown Austin wedding venues for you.

#1 – Hotel Van Zandt

If you’re looking for downtown Austin wedding venues that provide “an authentic Austin experience,” the Hotel Van Zandt has got you covered. I should know since I’ve been there before

It’s located in the heart of Austin, and it’s got a bunch of different event space floor plans for whatever your needs are. It has small spaces that can hold up to 40 people all the way up to a grand ballroom that can hold up to 500. 

Bride and groom smiling at each other as they share an embrace, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photo

The Hotel Van Zandt isn’t just one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues because of how many people it can hold though. It’s also got some kickin’ food options. There’s the Pool Deck, which has cabanas you can rent, a bar, snacks, and a great view of Austin. There’s also Cafe 605 that’s a nice mix of underground and upscale vibes. Plus, there’s Geraldine’s, their in-house restaurant, which has great food, live music, and drinks. 

The Hotel Van Zandt also offers wedding promotions for those interested. There’s even a pretty cool outdoor area where you can hold your wedding too. All of this and more easily puts Hotel Van Zandt on this list of the best downtown Austin wedding venues. 

#2 – The Riley Building

Located in the Warehouse District of downtown Austin, the Riley Building is a cool blend of deep history rooted right in Austin mixed in with modern designs that give it every right to be on this list of the best downtown Austin wedding venues. Originally built in 1928, the Riley Building was just as much a part of the area’s rough-and-tumble history as any other building in the Warehouse District, but in the 1980s things started changing. Now, the Riley Building is part of a vibrant, inclusive scene that welcomes people of all types.

View from outside of The Riley Building, one of the 7 Top Picks for Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

What’s really cool about the Riley Building is how it’s this blank canvas-style space that you can customize however you want. If you want something minimalistic, you got it. If you want something more vibrant, you can do that too. It’s up to you, and the Riley Building supports you in that choice.

Bride and groom smiling as they raise their hands up during their wedding shoot with modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

However you choose to go about customizing it, the Riley Building offers two spaces for you. One is the main hall and the other is the rooftop. The main hall’s got a more traditional, intimate vibe, while the rooftop brings in some elegance and sweet city views. The total standing capacity for the Riley Building is 250 and the total seated capacity is 125.

Plus, they’ve got equipment for the reception, a door host for greeting your guests, and venue management too. It’s hard to beat the Riley Building as one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues.

#3 – Springdale Station

Here’s another one of the downtown Austin wedding venues that’ll make your wedding a memorable one. Springdale Station was once an iconic train station that got changed into an event venue. It has indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings with beautiful historical backgrounds. 

Bride and groom leaning in for a kiss during their wedding shoot with Austin wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

Springdale Station provides a nice balance of warm, rustic looks with modern sensibilities. It’s got an open interior that offers a nice blank slate to work with. Plus, Springdale Station, as one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues, has plenty of parking available, and it’s pretty close to Austin’s top spots too. That’s not to mention it sits on one acre of lush outdoor space, and they’ve got a partnership with local top-rated vendors.

Bride and groom holding hands while walking down the aisle at the Springdale Station, one of the 7 Top Picks for Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

Overall, Springdale Station is a solid venue that’s worth looking into as one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues.

#4 – Chateau Bellevue

Maybe you’re looking for a French twist for your wedding. If you are, Chateau Bellevue’s got you covered. The chateau is built like something straight out of history and a lot of refined sensibilities. This is the kind of place you’ll find old stone, finished wood, and antique designs. It even has a courtyard!

Bride and groom leaning in for a kiss during their wedding shoot at Chateau Bellevue, one of the 7 Top Picks for Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

Plus, they offer a lot of amenities too with their wedding packages. For your money, you’ll get tables, chairs, linens, in-house catering, table settings, private dressing areas, free parking in their lots, a one-hour rehearsal, a two-hour portrait session the day before, and a lot more. They also list preferred vendors on their site to help you make solid decisions for your wedding day.

In short, there’s a lot that goes into why the Chateau Bellevue is one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues.

#5 – Hotel Ella

One of the coolest things about Hotel Ella, and what makes it one of the best downtown Austin wedding venues, is the fact it was built thanks to a wedding. Way back in 1897, Goodall married Ella Newsome. As a wedding gift, her father built the mansion. 

Hotel Ella is another one of those places, just like the Chateau Bellevue, that mixes history with modern needs. It’s a hotel surrounded by greenery and supported with columns. The lawn is well-maintained and would be great for events at night or during the day.

Bride and groom posing together during their wedding shoot at Hotel Ella with Nikk Nguyen Photo

For food, Hotel Ella offers two spots. It has a coffee and parlor bar, and it also has Goodall’s, an eatery with plenty of modern takes on Southern dishes.

The Hotel Ella is another solid choice for anyone looking for the best downtown Austin wedding venues. 

#6 – The Driskill

Looking for another historical option for your list of downtown Austin wedding venues? The Driskill’s got you covered with its classical setting and sense of luxury. It feels like it grew up in Texas and proudly wears that on its sleeve. It’s got an opulent lobby, stain-glass dome, and museum-style artwork on the wall. 

Bride and groom holding hands as they walk down the stairs at The Driskill, taken by modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

The Driskill also offers wedding venues to choose from inside its doors. There’s the Mezzanine, Victorian Room, and the Maximillian Room, for example. As far as food goes, the Driskill Bar was named one of the 10 best hotel bars in America by USA Today. The Driskill also has a neat restaurant called the 1886 Cafe & Bakery. What’s cool about that is they focus on recipes from the hotel’s past, tying in even more of the hotel’s history to its current vibe.

#7 – Skybox on 6th

Want a rooftop venue? Then this is the one you’re after. Skybox on 6th is on this list of best downtown Austin wedding venues because it looks like a ballroom dance floor, but it’s on a rooftop. And it’s open too, so you get to be a part of the night life in a truly unique way.

Couple sharing a kiss on the rooftop of Skybox on 6th, one of the Top 7 Picks for Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

Here are some highlights of what this place offers: heaters, restrooms, catering, LED lights, a bridal suite and green room, elevator, venue manager, and more. It’s over 9,000 square feet, and it can take up to 480 guests. Plus, they provide in-house furniture.

There’s really a lot to love at Skybox on 6th. Definitely give it a look.


A wedding is an event with a lot of moving parts. It can be hard to know where to turn, what to do, who to trust. So, I hope I’ve helped you with your search for the best downtown Austin wedding venues. I’d be happy to know I’ve been able to take something off your plate and make your wedding planning a little easier.

And, hey, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer too, let me know. I love helping people out and capturing their wedding day for them. Give me a shout!


Bride and groom posing next to each other during wedding shoot with Nikk Nguyen; image overlaid with text that reads 7 Downtown Austin Wedding Venues

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