elegant bohemian bride stands next to groom as he sits in a chair in the doorway of a small house at The Addison Gove in Austin, Texas
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Elegant Bohemian Wedding Inspiration Shoot at Pearl Snap Hall in Austin, TX

This elegant bohemian inspiration shoot was truly unforgettable and Pearl Snap Hall was the perfect location to pull it all off! Of course, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the creative genius of my dear friends at Big Time Creatives, so I’ve asked them to share a bit about how they came up with their awe-inspiring design! Here’s what they had to say…

The starting point for the photo shoot at Pearl Snap Hall was truly the wedding dress. Sam’s stunning cut-out dress was sexy as hell. We couldn’t help but wonder about the bride that could/would pull this dress off. With it being super sophisticated and stylish—this bride would have to be really sure of who she is and unafraid to take risks. Needless to say, this dress, showing no hint of traditional appeal, demanded our attention!

With such a stunning dress we needed a look for the groom that could “keep up.” That’s when we fell in love with the burgundy velvet tux jacket. The two models and their outfits paired beautifully together; classic, sophisticated and hip AF!

When it came to setting the scene, we gave them an equally stylish, modern, and forward thinking table setting that we imagined such a boldly dressed couple would appreciate. 

The florals were also dramatic and gorgeous. This color palette is a favorite of ours and Wildly Cultivated truly knocked it out of the park.  Again when imaging this bride, that dress, that burgundy jacket, we wanted florals that would fit comfortably within the setting but would still demand their own attention.  

We set out to style a couple that is hip/trendy, fashion forward and cool and I think it’s safe to say that thanks to all of the amazing wedding professionals involved, we pulled it off!

The Talented Vendors For This Shoot

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