Couple smile at each other and hold hands as they stroll along the boardwalk with a view of the bay and the city in Austin, TX
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Elegant Urban Engagement Shoot in Austin, Texas | Caitlin + Brett

Joyful and Elegant Urban Engagement Shoot

For their striking urban engagement shoot, Austin-based Caitlin and Brett decided to glam it up! Brett wore a great suit and Caitlin opted for a slinky black dress and heels. Together we headed into downtown Austin to capture their love story on camera!

Engagement shoots are so fun for so many reasons, but one of them is that there is so much electric connection between the couple. I love photographing weddings, but on a big wedding day, the sense of love is spread out through a whole network of connections and ties with family and friends. In an urban engagement shoot like this one, the tenderness and joy (and just pure fun!) is the ultimate focus.

And boy, was the connection between these two razor-sharp! I think one of my favorite moments from this shoot was when Caitlin and Brett were standing in each other’s arms in a parking lot. Brett ended up dipping Caitlin, and everything about the shots of this. The dramatic angle, the laughter, and surprise on Caitlin’s face, Brett’s gleeful expression – makes me happy!

We Ended Our Shoot at the River

For our second location, Caitlin changed into a beautiful white dress and Brett lost the jacket. We went down to the river bank as the sun was setting and enjoyed the peace and beauty down there. Watching Brett give Caitlin a piggyback ride was definitely a highlight here. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, this couple is a lot of fun!

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