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Elopement Planners: 8 Important Reasons You Should Hire One

Now more than ever, couples are deciding to ditch the ‘big day’ mentality of weddings and instead go for something different. Elopements have gained immense popularity over the past few years, especially with big tent weddings being incredibly difficult to even have in light of the pandemic. More people are aware that there are options, and some of those options are too good to pass up on. 

So, in this article, I want to explore the role of a pivotal player in elopements, and that’s the all-important elopement planner. But, before we get into the eight important reasons why you should hire an elopement planner, let’s answer an important question.

What Are Elopement Planners?

Elopement planners take elopements to the next level. They’re well equipped with skills and knowledge crucial to making an elopement not only possible but incredible. Elopement planners wear many hats: planner, confidante, soundboard, advisor, keeper of sanity, and keeper of order. So why are they so important? I’ll tell you exactly why!

8 Important Reasons You Should Hire An Elopement Planner

Here are the 8 important reasons you should hire an elopement planner when considering eloping to a nearby town, county, state, or country!

#1 – Elopement Planners Make Planning Easy

Weddings, no matter the size, are massive undertakings. There are so many small details to worry about that it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, elopement planners are organizers at heart, and they’re able to make peace with chaos.

Elopement Planners Make Planning Easy: Groom smiling at bride who's smiling back at her as they hold notebooks in their hands with their vows inside

They’re the perfect people to have around, as their experience has made them incredibly zen when it comes to planning an elopement. It’s essential to have that assurance and steady hand approach when planning something as important as your wedding, no matter how big or small.

#2 – They Are Extremely Supportive of Your Vision

Elopement planners have seen it all. They’ve witnessed weddings around the world, so they can hear your vision, support those dreams, and in many cases, expand or refine the picture. So you’d be wise to have someone with such extensive knowledge of the industry in your corner – they might be able to provide ideas you never knew were even possible.

They aren’t there to shoot down your ideas. They’re there to make your dream a reality in the most effective way possible. 

#3 – Elopement Planners Have Inside Knowledge on Places, Venues, and Vendors

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but elopement planners have exhaustive knowledge of places, venues, and vendors worldwide. Many of them have built out networks in various countries, states, and cities, to ensure they can cater to anyone and everyone, regardless of where they are or where they want to go for the elopement. When it comes to adventurous elopements out in nature, elopement planners will know where the most beautiful and private places are – off the beaten path.

Groom smiles as he shares a dance with his bride inside a glass greenhouse, taken by Austin wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

This is extremely helpful in foreign places where you might feel intimidated by language barriers or the potential for exploitation. They know where to go, who to go to, and how to get the best prices. 

#4 – They Can Help Couples Stay On Track

Wedding planning can sometimes go off course real quick, especially when outside forces eat away at valuable elopement planning time. However, elopement planners never take their eyes off the ball.

Elopement Planners Can Help Couples Stay On Track: Bride looking endearingly at the groom as he smiles for the camera during their wedding shoot

They make sure there is a level of focus in the planning to never leave details out. This can be incredibly beneficial as time is of the essence when planning your big day.

#5 – Elopement Planners Work Well Within Set Budgets

Elopement planners are there to stay within budget and make the most of that budget. Most elopement planners are excellent negotiators, so they know some tricks of the trade to make some things happen that otherwise might be impossible.

Couple walking down the stairs of the gazebo during their golden hour wedding shoot with Nikk Nguyen Photo

Many of them also have packages available that define the dollar amount immediately and explicitly state what you can expect. Either way, your budget can work for you, not against you, with the help of the right elopement planner.

#6 – They Are Great With Timelines 

Give an elopement planner a wedding planning timeline and watch them run with it with an impressive dedication to the plan. They’re masters of keeping on schedule and sometimes ahead of schedule. They know exactly when things need to happen, how they need to happen, and at what speed they should be happening.

Elopement Planners Are Great With Timelines: Bride pops open a bottle of champagne as groom smiles beside her.

It’s an art form that is rarely appreciated or acknowledged about the profession. They’re capable of moving mountains if necessary, and that’s the kind of energy and dedication to the craft that you need. It means you can sit back and know that everything is on track.

#7 – Elopement Planners Can Handle Legal Paperwork

Paperwork is always the worst, but not for someone who knows exactly what they’re looking at and how to get it! While you generally only interact with this particular type of paperwork once, elopement planners see it all the time.

Close-up shot of bride sliding on wedding ring on the groom's finger during the wedding ceremony with the officiant, captured by timeless wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

They are masters of marriage licenses across different states, regions, or countries. For someone who’s unaware of different requirements that might exist, it’s a great way to avoid making a mistake and messing up an important document that determines whether or not your marriage is legally binding. 

#8 – They Are There Every Step of The Way

Finally, elopement planners are there from the beginning to the very end. They act as soundboards for every decision you make or random thought you have. They’re not just hired help; they’re collaborative partners. They are as invested in your wedding day as you are.

Elopement Planners Are There Every Step of The Way: Bride and groom smiling at each other as the groom holds the train of the bride's dress while walking

As a result, you both develop a relationship that lasts for the duration of the wedding planning process and the wedding itself. You’re on the same team with a common goal. This means you can be confident that your wedding will go off without issues, and that’s all anybody could ever ask when approaching such an important day.


So now you know why everyone advocates for elopement planners. They have the power to change the trajectory of how your elopement can ultimately pan out. So, if you want an elopement that goes beyond your wildest expectations, hire an elopement planner! You’ll never regret it.

What’s a perfect elopement without some great photos? If you want to collaborate with a photographer who wants to be more than just another vendor, be sure to reach out on my website! I can’t wait to talk to you and your elopement planner all about your special day and the finer details of what we can achieve together. 


Collage of photos of bride and groom sharing a kiss on the rooftop and crossing the street; image over laid with text that reads Elopement Planners: 8 Important Reasons You Should Hire One
Bride and groom smiling at each other as the groom holds the train of the bride's dress while walking; image overlaid with text that reads Elopement Planners: 8 Important Reasons You Should Hire One

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