Christy and Scott's elopement wedding at Commodore Perry photographed by Southern Love Creative

Eloping on the Summer Solstice | Christy + Scott

Nestled within the heart of Austin, you will find the glimmering jewel known as the Commodore Perry Estate, a 10-acre oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A modern re-interpretation of a residential estate, the Commodore Perry offers relaxed European elegance, sprawling manicured grounds, and elegant architecture to all. Christy and Scott were set on finding the perfect location to elope, and the charm and beauty of the Estate was the clear choice for their magical moment on the summer solstice.

Beauty in Sight and Sound

The couple had no theme in mind for their elopement ceremony beyond the desire for the romantic atmosphere of a boutique hotel. Add in some amazing food and live music, and they had everything they needed to make their day perfect. With blossoming crepe myrtle trees all around, this summer solstice elopement had the beauty, charm, and elegance to form an unforgettable memory. With an unexpected rainstorm out of the way, the bursts of colorful flower petals all around created a magical atmosphere as Christy and Scott committed to one another.

“The magic and beauty of the day, combined with the commitment we made before God, illuminated our path towards a lifetime of happiness together. We will always cherish that day as the start of our forever.”

Everything Aligns on the Summer Solstice

Seeking an intimate ceremony amidst the Commodore Perry’s beauty, Christy and Scott were blown away by the hard work and coordination put in by their vendors. Despite moving the ceremony up by an hour, everything proceeded smoothly with their support and teamwork. Live music added an enchanting and romantic atmosphere to an already gorgeous space, and the couple experienced immense gratitude for everything that had brought them to this moment. They had but one simple piece of advice for other couples looking to wed: elope! 

This day was the start of something great in both their lives and a cherished moment that they will hold dear for every day to come.

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Talented Vendors:

Venue: Commodore Perry Estate

Officiant: Phillip Boone with Celebrations by Phillip

Dress: Bestow Bridal

Tailoring: Ace Tailors

Hair & Makeup: Mission Stylehouse

Florals: King Florist of Austin

Live Music: Texas Sun Music

Photography: Southern Love Creative by Nikk Nguyen

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