Bride sitting between groom's legs and turned to look at him as they smile at each other while sitting on Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas and tall grass behind them. A picnic basket sits to the right of the groom with the bride's bouquet and a bottle of champagne. The bride and groom are both holding a glass full of champagne in their left hands. Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding Photographer Nikk Nguyen
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Newlywed Shoot at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas | Princess + David

A beautiful couple is walking up the steep trail at Enchanted Rock. He is in a perfectly fitted suit and she is in a gorgeous white wedding dress that’s flowing in the wind. If that sight doesn’t beg to be captured on camera, I don’t know what will! Princess and David dressed up in their full wedding attire for this newlywed shoot. This was a unique opportunity to take wedding photos in a spectacular location! 

Princess and David booked me over a year ago, but due to special circumstances, they decided to get married privately instead. However, their love is still so worth capturing, so we decided to wait a while and do a shoot in their formal wear later on.

We met at Enchanted Rock for a day of hiking and taking photos. They were very nervous when we started, but they broke out of their shell quickly. Everything looked like a real-life fairytale. The bouquet, the flowing white fabric, the chivalrous gestures of David as he helped his bride along the way – and sometimes the other way around too. 😉 I’ve walked this trail quite a few times, but never in formal attire, let alone a long wedding dress or heels! I have a whole new level of admiration for Princess and David! 

The walk up to the summit was already quite picture-worthy, as they held hands and carried the picnic basket with them. At the top of the mountain, they opened the champagne bottle, had a little picnic and let me take more photos with a stunning view as the backdrop. 

I haven’t had this much fun in a while! Because this wasn’t a traditional wedding shoot in the midst of a full day, I had way more time to play around with different lenses. I even got my film camera out! Princess and David are such a gift to each other, and I’m so glad they picked me to photograph them.

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Talented Vendors

Photographer: Nikk Nguyen Photo
Bridal Shop: BHLDN
Hair: Jade Lee – Houston, TX 
Makeup: Jackie Borja – Houston, TX 
Nails: Crystal Nguyen

Skirt: Jenny Yoo
Suit: Bar III at Macy’s
Bouquet: Posey Floral and Event Design
Picnic Basket: Picnic Time
Backpack: Patagonia

Before you jump into the photos, check out what this couple had to say about working with me:

“Nikk is a godsend! David (my husband) proposed July 2017 and let me tell you all, I was SUPER excited and had so many emotions flowing through my brain and the first thing I thought of (after saying YES!) was ‘we need THE photographer’. Night after night I was on wedding apps, instagram, and the web searching and looking at multiple pages of different photographers throughout the city of Houston and Austin, TX. Finally, I found Nikkolas Nguyen!

I started stressing out because I have never taken any professional photography and did not know where we would like to take our photos or what to do. After expressing my concerns to Nikk, Nikk recommended our wedding photoshoot destination to be at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX. Hands down, one of the best decisions of 2019! Up until the day of our wedding photoshoot, Nikk has been flash-quick to respond, very professional, and most accommodating to all of my questions, concerns, and every little thing in between.

Our day at Enchanted Rock has been the most enchanting and a very fun-exciting photoshoot that David and I have experienced! After looking through our wedding gallery, Nikk has captured more than everything that I have ever wanted. I was in awe of how beautifully Nikk captured each moment, he is a true artist. I always say that pictures are memories that are frozen in time. From my heart, I am incandescently happy that Nikk was the one to have captured our moment for it will be displayed for the many years to come. It’s hard to find a photographer to satisfy all your wishes, but Nikk went above and beyond to deliver! Thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful creation Nikk!

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