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Engagement Shoot in Austin’s Culturally-Rich Eastside | Alexandra + Andrés

“Andrés and I met on Bumble!” Alexandra recounts the beginnings of their relationship together. “We spoke on the phone for hours leading up to our first date.” And it was history from there as Alexandra and Andrés quickly hit it off and danced the night away. “It was the best first date, and we immediately made plans to meet the next day for date #2.”

The Perfect Backdrop for Their Memories

I met with this committed and dynamic couple to shoot their engagement in the heart of Austin’s Eastside where they were surrounded by culture and history as rich and engaging as their relationship has become. Alexandra told us how she had moved to the Bay Area from Florida and had decided to give dating another shot, despite feeling disillusioned with the people she had been meeting in her search for love. Then, she met Andrés.

When You Finally Meet That Special Person

“In our time together, we value the ability to make it meaningful regardless of what we’re doing, whether it’s traveling, hanging out on the couch, walking the dog, or working on a home project. We have fun together no matter what we’re doing.”


Alexandra and Andrés truly seem like a match made in the stars. Alexandra explained that their foundation of communication and openness is what truly makes the relationship special. They’ve incorporated traits and qualities from each other into their own lives, forging a beautiful partnership in the process. From Alexandra, Andrés has learned to be more adventurous, spontaneous, and ambitious in his goals. Andrés taught Alexandra to be more structured and thoughtful and to try and maintain his optimistic attitude. “We truly balance each other out and constantly try to learn from one another.”

Getting Ready for the Party

These two are beyond ready for their wedding day. They’ve already been slowly planning the occasion as they look forward to bringing friends and family together to celebrate their love. Alexandra told us that she’s planning to have one big dance party with everyone important to them. It only makes sense that friends and family would want to commemorate the union of such a strong and dynamic couple.

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Talented Vendors

Hair and Makeup: Cassidy Elise 

Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo

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