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Everything You Need to Know When Eloping in Texas (2023)

Texas is a massive state, and as a result, it’s got a lot going for it. Eloping in Texas means you’ll get to experience some of the many things we have to offer you and your partner for your special day. From stunning cities and small towns to mountains, beaches, canyons, and caves. There’s no shortage of beauty, both natural and man-made. 

I’m not talking about going down to the Austin Courthouse and declaring your love in front of a judge. I mean really exploring the wild west and finding the most spectacular place to experience your love of each other while developing a love for Texas. Don’t fight it. Once you’re in Texas, you leave a little of your heart behind. 

Why Texas?

Well, why not Texas? If you’re looking for the home of the best live music, incredible food, endless cultural experiences, and more to spice up your elopement, then come on down! We’re ready with open arms to welcome you to the great state of Texas. 

Couple sharing laughs over cocktails while sitting by a bench near a window after their elopement, taken by Nikk Nguyen

We’ve got so much to offer you and your loved ones as you embark on a more intimate ceremony. So don’t stay at home; take this show on the road! Austin, Houston, Dallas, wherever you want to go, Texas has incredible things to offer.

If you’re unsure if eloping is for you, then check out my past blog post, “Should You Elope?” where I explore why eloping can be the best course of action for any couple looking to get married without all the pomp and circumstance. 

Best Locations for Eloping In Texas

There are so many options when it comes to eloping in Texas. Whether it’s the stunning beaches of Galveston, beautiful Fort Worth, or perhaps the vineyards in Austin, we’ve got so many great places to check out and consider. You’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of options for your upcoming elopement. 

Personally, Austin has my heart, so I’ve worked extensively in the area capturing weddings for countless love birds. Check out my previous blog post on 7 Incredible Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin, Texas!

If a courthouse wedding is the route you’re taking, even though I argue Texas has far more to offer, here is an article on planning a courthouse wedding

The Best Time of Year for Eloping in Texas

Texas is known for its intense summer heat, so consider the seasons if you’re planning on eloping in Texas. Try doing some research on the different seasons and how the weather in certain parts of Texas might affect you. Just remember, Texas is huge. The weather in Austin might differ substantially from the weather in Houston. 

With that said, summer is at times unbearably hot. On the other hand, winters are lovely to experience the Texas desert. However, sometimes it can snow rather intensely and get very cold, so be warned there’s always a possibility of a ‘white elopement.’

Bride and groom wrapping their arms around each other by the river during their elopement shoot with Austin photographer Nikk Nguyen

My personal experience has led me to believe that spring or fall are the best times for eloping in Texas. Warm temperatures, but not unbearable like summer, vibrant colors, warm breezes – it’s a magical time of year. However, the only thing I’d argue is a potential downside is the unpredictability of spring. Rain and thunderstorms could happen in a flash! So be sure to have backup plans ready just in case.

Getting Legally Married While Eloping In Texas 

If you’re eloping in Texas, you need to get the paperwork sorted. Once you’ve decided where and when, you’ll need to go  a few days before your wedding, in person, to a local county clerk’s office. Take a photo ID, anywhere between $70 – $100, and get the marriage license more likely than not on the day of applying for one. 

As per Texas law, you’ll have to wait for a total of 72-hours after acquiring the marriage license to actually get married. So keep that in mind when planning on when to apply. You can apply up to 90 days ahead of the wedding but have to ensure you are married on the 90th day as that will be when the license expires, forcing you to repeat the process.

Once you’ve had the wedding, gotten married, signed the papers, you need to return them to the county office you received them from.  

Tips for Eloping In Texas

If you’re really interested in the idea of eloping in Texas, then here are some tips and tricks for making it a truly magical experience for everyone involved. 

  • Get your friend or family member ordained online at a site like and personalize the ceremony even more!
  • Make sure you find all your local vendors well ahead of time!
  • Leave nothing up to chance, especially if you’re not from the area. 
  • Consider hiring a professional elopement planner or designer from Texas to help ensure nothing is missed out or forgotten.
  • Take the marriage certificate back to the county clerk’s office in person, not via courier. Just in case something happens, you want to know that your marriage is valid. Someone losing the certificate along the way ruins just about everything, potentially without you even knowing.  
Bride and groom slow dancing during their wedding reception with their guests looking on, captured by Nikk Nguyen

The key to an incredible elopement is planning without letting it become overwhelming. By focusing just on what is important to you, instead of all the details of a huge wedding, the planning process should be far more enjoyable!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for someone to capture your special day, want the moment expressed in colorful detail through images, I’m everything you’ve been looking for. I’ve got a love for love and a passion for Texas. I know exactly where and when to go to make your special day a memory you look back on with joy. 

Take a look at some of my past work in and around Austin, Texas, and beyond. Then, when you’re ready to make a move, get in touch, and let’s discuss your love story in detail! I want to showcase your love with all the beauty, awe, and grandeur you deserve. We’re all about charm out here in Texas… and sweet tea picnics under Magnolia trees – but mainly charm. 


Collage of photos of bride and groom during their elopement shoot with Texas photographer Nikk Nguyen; image overlaid with text that reads Eloping in Texas Everything you Need to Know
Collage of different couples by the lake and by the courthouse, respectively; image overlaid with text that reads Everything you need to know when eloping in Texas

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