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Faithful Commitment Paired With Unique Engagement Photoshoot at San Marcos Airport | Falon + Alexander

You might think that the San Marcos Regional Airport is an unusual location for an engagement photoshoot, but that atypicality is what makes Falon and Alexander’s engagement photos so stunning and unique!

Miles Apart, Closer Than Ever

Alex and Falon spent most of their early years near each other but without ever actually meeting. They came from the same town and even attended the same schools, but it wasn’t until they turned to online dating that they found one another. They hit it off right away–as did their dogs, who became fast friends after being introduced to each other. The couple were up in the early hours of the morning for a hike at Glacier National Park when something magical happened. It was there, on a large boulder that jutted out into a glacier-fed lake, that Alexander proposed–and of course Falon said yes!

Seeing the Best In Each Other

“Alex and I have seemed to understand each other from the very start [and] …you could say we’re just very mindful of each other and want to empower each other to be the happiest version of ourselves.”


Falon and Alex approach their relationship–and each other–with positive intent. Through support, love, and always assuming the best, they’ve easily overcome hurdles and barriers. They share a similar sense of humor that others often don’t, but that has only served to bond them ever closer. The couple also understands the importance of being their own people and enjoying their own interests and fully support each other in individual recreation and socialization. They are very excited to plan their wedding and make that commitment to one another as their relationship grows and strengthens. It’s rare–and beautiful–to see two people support and love each other so fully.

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