Lauren and Tom pressing their noses lightly against each other as they smile during their city engagement shoot with Nikk Nguyen
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Fun Engagement Shoot in Austin, Texas | Lauren + Tom

This fun engagement shoot has its roots years before I ever met Lauren and Tom. They first ran into one another in their college town, but thought nothing of it. Until years later, they reconnected at a mutual friend’s wedding. Clearly, love was in the air – because since then they haven’t looked back!

Tom and Lauren got engaged on Christmas Eve back in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown. Tom was just as surprised as Lauren, because the ring wasn’t supposed to arrive for months. When it did come, they decided that the timing was perfect – and celebrated their first Christmas as fiances!

This Fun Engagement Shoot in Austin Let Their Connection Shine

I think one of the things I love the most about doing city engagement photos in Austin is how ‘normal’ the shoot is. The couples aren’t super dressed up or uncomfortable. On the streets of Austin and then down on the shores of Lady Bird Lake, they’re just spending time with the one they love. It means we get to capture the authentic feel of their day-to-day connection!

For Lauren and Tom, this was such a fun engagement shoot because their relationship is so fun. They said ‘We truly enjoy each other’s company. We also appreciate how we can be silly with each other. It makes hard days much more manageable when you have a partner that helps ease your worries. We share everything with each other. Everything from a new book or band to talking about work stresses.’ That sense of joy in one another’s company was so palpable during this session!

Take a look at this elegant urban engagement for more inspiration about what your own engagement shoot could be like!

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