Groom plants a kiss on the bride’s cheek as she closes her eyes and leans in to him, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photography

Fun & Modern Elopement Shoot in Downtown Austin, Texas

Creative and Modern Elopement Shoot in Downtown Austin

For this styled shoot, we wanted to create a modern elopement that felt ethereal and fun. The downtown Austin environment meant we got to play with colors and textures in a really inspiring way, with wedding attire that felt casual but intentional. Our vision was a modern elopement for a couple who value creativity over tradition – people who know exactly who they are and what they want – and our models, Matt and Sarah, really killed it here!

When Your Clothes Tell a Story

In any wedding or elopement, the clothes play a huge part in telling a story – and this styled shoot was no different. The bride’s dramatic white suit with a plunging neckline and cream heels was bold and beautiful. I loved the way it reinterpreted bridal motifs to come up with something a little more powerful and creative. The sharpness of the suit paired with the flower crown and veil created a really intriguing vision of femininity. It meant that both the leafy background and the city streets offered incredible contrasts that really let the bride shine.

The bouquet was another really special part of the day. When you choose to elope, the simplicity of the event means that the little details that matter most to you really get a chance to make an impact. This unique bouquet stole the show with an iridescent palette, including painted anthuriums and iridescent mylar streamers. The lushness of the flowers brought the whimsey and romance back to this modern elopement shoot in a really lovely way.

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Talented Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Nikk Nguyen Photo
Sarah Kirby
Matt Reitman

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