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Fun and Practical Wedding Registry Ideas

Wedding registries were created to help start a couple’s life together. Since most people lived separately before marriage, a wedding registry was a great way to collect home items that the couple would find useful in their first shared home. Registries were filled with kitchen tools, bath items, and linens.

Today, most couples live together before marriage and have already purchased many of the essentials. And even if the couple hasn’t lived together, most individuals have accumulated all the cutlery, towels, and bedsheets they need.

Although it’s a great idea to put common item upgrades on your wedding registry, here is a list of ideas that will cover more “offbeat” items. Some are still practical, some are pure fun, and some have the benefits of both. But all of them are guaranteed to get used more often that a set of China or crystal glasses.

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Specific Kitchen Items: Most of us have kitchen essentials like pots, pans, and cutting boards, so why not think about putting more specific kitchen tools on your wedding registry? Maybe you love soups and stews, but don’t have a slow cooker/crockpot, or maybe you would get some major use out of a crawfish boil pot. You could even register for a little luxury like memory foam kitchen mats, which you know will take some of the pain out of standing over the stove or sink.

Outdoor Items: If you and your partner enjoy outdoor activities like gardening or barbecuing, consider adding things like gloves, flower pots, gardening tools, a birdbath, BBQ pit, sauces and rubs, tongs, and the like. Or you might want to decorate your outdoor space with a few wicker chairs and table, chair cushions, or dramatic lighting.

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Pet Pleasers: If you have fur babies you like to spoil, don’t hesitate to throw a few gifts on your registry for them: scratching posts, treats, chew toys, aquarium decor, collars, clothing, beds, etc.

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Hobby Specific: Is there a hobby you and your partner enjoy doing together? Think about the items that go along with the hobby and stick them on the wedding registry. If you both love camping, add some much-needed gear, a tent, air mattress, chairs, etc. Or maybe you both adore bird watching, sculpting or working out. Whatever you enjoy, don’t be afraid to add some items to help you pursue your hobby activities.

Honeymoon Excursions: Whether you’re taking a cruise, staying at a beachside resort, or headed to the mountains for your honeymoon, many vacation packages offer excursion add-ons like swimming with dolphins, city tours, horseback riding, etc. Add the request to your registry to help fund the trip of a lifetime.

Board Games: If you’re the type of couple who loves inviting over guests for drinks and games, consider adding board and/or card games to your wedding registry. Even if you don’t have people over, you and your spouse can settle in for an evening of wine and Jenga.

A gifts table with a basket, a gift bag with a matching wrapped gift, and a skillet. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Gift Cards: If you’re not quite sure what you want, but you know where you want it from, add some gift cards to your registry. Building or renovating a house? A Home Depot card will help. Love traveling? Consider an AirBnB gift card. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this gift, as most businesses offer them.

And there you have it! Some fun and less common items to add to your wedding registry. Guilt free!

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Looking for additional ideas or items to add to your wedding registry? I’d be happy to share with you the fun and practical ideas I’ve seen other couples add to their wish list.

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