Bride and groom pose for their glamorous couples shoot in Austin photographed by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen
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Glamorous City Couples Shoot in Austin, Texas | Sharmin + Luke

Sharmin and Luke brought their adorable pooch along for the first part of their Austin couples shoot, and it was so sweet to snap some portraits of the three of them. I’m a dog dad myself, and so when couples ask me if they can incorporate their dog in the photos, whether that’s at a couples shoot, an engagement, or a wedding, it’s always a huge yes from me! Dogs become part of our families, and there’s a love there that’s so fun to capture. 

A Glamorous Austin Couples Shoot with Editorial Elegance

One of the special things about this day, as we made our way from the chic restaurant overlooking the city down onto the street and ended up on the banks of the river, was Sharmin and Luke’s incredible range! With Sharmin’s beautiful bouquet and gorgeous white dress, their glamorous couples shoot seemed almost editorial at times. They were so comfortable in front of the camera that we were able to get such striking and elegant shots!

But, as you can see, there is a real playfulness in their relationship too – it added human warmth and joy to this couple’s shoot. Sharmin and Luke were so fun to hang out with, and that shines through in these pictures! Their humor and affection were a photographer’s dream: there were so many great moments between them.

Real Life, Real Love 

Their range really shines in the series of photos down by the river. When Luke picked up Sharmin, it was dramatic and beautiful. Then she turned around and tried to pick him up and it didn’t go quite so well! We all laughed, and the sweet moment just epitomizes their relationship to me.

Another part of the day that I loved capturing was when Luke helped Sharmin with her shoes – it was just a little second where he knelt down to help her with her buckle, but it was one of those real-life things that just shone with tenderness. I was so glad to catch it in the couples shoot.

If you’d like to have a couples shoot of your own, get in touch! I’d love to chat.

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