Bride and groom hold hands in front of the floral arch and the officiant during their glamorous clifftop elopement
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Glamorous Clifftop Elopement | Erin + Christer

This Covid-safe Clifftop Elopement was Glamorous and Elegant

Erin and Christer are one of the couples whose plans were affected by the pandemic, but who rolled with the punches and created something beautiful anyway. They decided that they would get married in a simple, private ceremony outdoors. You might think that an elopement where the officiant, the photographer, and the family dog are the only guests might feel anticlimactic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Erin and Christer’s clifftop elopement was so intimate and special. The details were simple, but such care and attention was put into each one that the whole evening felt elevated and elegant.

It’s All in the Details

They had this incredible rose flower arch put up on their patio for their clifftop elopement ceremony. This spot has the most amazing views of the river, and as they stood there in the golden hour of the setting sun, the flowers framing them, the moment was truly magic. Afterwards, they celebrated by popping some champagne and toasting to their marriage – along with their precious pooch, who witnessed the whole thing.

Christer and Erin were such a pleasure to work with – so kind, fun, and full of this extraordinary sense of peace. I really admire the way that they knew exactly what they wanted and they created an event that perfectly celebrated their love, without looking to any outside pressures. And I think the results speak for themselves! What a beautiful evening.

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Before you jump into the photos, check out what this couple had to say about working with me:

Me and my fiancé were looking for a great photographer for our wedding. I came across Nikk’s website and we were blown away. We decided to use him to do our very small, COVID-friendly outdoor wedding. He was so responsive and professional, I never had to worry about this aspect of the wedding. The photos turned out amazing and can’t wait to have an excuse to have him photograph another event for us. Top quality!

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