Guy hugs girl as she looks back up at him as they lie back down on the floor during their golden hour outdoor engagement photoshoot, captured by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen
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Golden Hour Outdoor Engagement Shoot | Elizabeth + Paul

I’m a city guy, and I love urban photoshoots – especially in Austin! – but there was something about this golden hour outdoor engagement shoot that was so perfect for Elizabeth and Paul. The gentle beauty around us was a great representation of their relationship. We planned to catch the beautiful golden outdoor light in this amazing property and it turned into such a fun afternoon hanging out and exploring together. We were up on a hill with stunning views of the landscape around us, on a property that featured soaring oak trees, a gorgeous creek, and even a rope swing.

Capturing Authentic Energy

Some of my favorite shots from this golden hour outdoor engagement shoot are from the swing. It’s important to me that whenever I do a session, whether it’s a wedding or an engagement, that we get way beyond the formal poses. I love capturing the real, authentic energy of people. So, I always encourage couples to interact with their environment and try to forget about the camera if they can. That’s why my other favorite moment here was when we went down to the river. The light got really rich around that time. You could see the deep connection between Elizabeth and Paul even in the way they walked together and picked their way over the rocky ground. Amazing, right?

Sweetness Shone Through On This Golden Hour Outdoor Engagement Shoot

Elizabeth and Paul are such kind and genuine people. You can see how tender and gentle they are with each other, and it wasn’t just for the camera. We had an amazing time together, and it was a real honor to capture these memories for them. I wish them every happiness for the future! 

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