Birdseye view of platter of meats, cheese, fruit, and bread.

How to Create an Epic Wedding Grazing Table

Grazing tables (a.k.a. feasting tables) kind of sound like something out of medieval times, but these modern table spreads are way more stylish and fun, and they are taking over the catering world.

Essentially, a grazing table is a more elaborate form of the charcuterie board, the one you might serve at a home wine tasting party, piled high with deli meats, cheeses, cut veggies, and dips. Now take that idea up about ten notches and you have a casual, but creative way to serve savories and sweets at your wedding.

A feasting table can be set up during the cocktail hour, replace the main course, or delight guests who crave a bit of late night snacking.

But how does one go about putting together an epic wedding grazing table that guests can’t take their eyes (or fingers!) off of?

Think of it like a piece of art. Although you could just throw some meats and cheese willy nilly on the table and call it Pollock-inspired, you could also take a more strategic approach and build a table abundant in food, color, and texture.

Here are some tips on how to put together a stunning grazing table for your wedding reception, cocktail hour, or any get together.

wedge of cheese with halved pomegranates, walnuts, garlic, grapes and a butchers knife displayed on a chopping board

Choose local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients when possible.

A variety of flavors and textures will ensure every guest’s palette is pleased. If you’re not going through one caterer, get in touch with your local bakeries, delis, and grocers. If you are hiring a caterer, chat with them about your ideas and the direction you want to go with your items.

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Local and seasonal is always best. Also consider that food will be sitting out for some time, so choose items that won’t go off after a few hours. Think cured meats, artisan cheeses, freshly baked bread, antipasta, vegetables and bowls of fruit, gourmet crackers, nuts and seeds, spreads and dips, spices, oils, and herbs.

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Style the table using color, texture, and layering.

To design a feast that is as beautiful to the eye as it is tasty to the stomach, think about coordinating and grouping foods, colors, and textures. Play with florals, greenery, dishware, and linens.

To get a layered look you can use props like crates, baskets, signage, rustic boards, marble slabs, and glass platters. Mixing heights also ensures guests can easily access all the food, rather than having to dig through piles of produce.

a wedding grazing table with grapes, meats, breads, cheeses, fruits and a scale

Pick a theme.

If you want a bit of direction when creating your feasting table, choose a theme that complements your wedding style. Boho, rustic, modern, fine art, nautical…whatever you choose can help guide you in what kinds of foods to serve and how to decorate the table.

Once you have your table in place and all the delectable food on display, let guests dig in, mingle, and graze their way through the edible art piece that is your wedding feast.

Are you thinking about having a grazing table at your wedding, but you’re not sure if it is the best option? I bet I can help! Let’s talk!

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