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52 Interesting Things You Can Post on Social Media to Grow Your Photography Business

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses across the spectrum. It allows all kinds of biz owners opportunities to grow their followings, promote products, and engage with potential and current clients and customers.

As a photographer, you’re probably already using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share your photos, connect with others in the industry, and reach fans and future fans alike.

The thing is, there is SO much more you can share than just your photos and links. Sure, it’s okay to post an image and say a few words about it, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to those kinds of posts if you want to market and grow your photography business. Especially when there are lots of interesting social media content ideas.

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If you’re interested in upping your social media game, look through this inspiring list of things you can post on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or whatever your favorite platforms are. No matter what your photography niche is, you’re sure to find some ideas that work for your brand and business. And a quick tip: try and post at least one quality post per day to reach the most people and keep your current followers engaged.


  • Tips and hacks
  • Helpful resources (either on your site or an outside resource)
  • Recommendations (could be other businesses you work with, tools, gear, etc.)
  • Favorite products
  • Q&As
  • “How to” content
  • Article links
  • Infographics
  • Facts and tidbits 
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  • Quotes
  • Your own content snippets/quotes
  • Encouraging thoughts
  • Inspirational
  • Funny photos and memes


  • Your favorite/best portfolio images
  • Sneak peeks and teaser content
  • Time-sensitive offers
  • Regular offers
  • Recent blog posts
  • Your most popular blog post
  • Links to other site content (like your services page)
  • Link to a guest post you wrote
  • Giveaways and freebies
  • Client stories and testimonials
Photo by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen Photo of a family, couple gives each other a kiss while the child sits on the father's shoulders


  • Behind-the-scenes moments
  • Accomplishments/awards/accolades (not to brag, but to build trust)
  • Images of you at work or play
  • Photos from a recent event
  • Funny and interesting anecdotes/moments


  • Promote a chat or event
  • Respond to a tag or mention
  • Answer a FAQ
  • Link to a blog comment
  • Ask for questions/suggestions/ideas
  • “Caption this” (post a photo and ask followers to comment with a creative caption)
  • Post your own questions
  • “Fill in the blank” posts (Today I am grateful for _______.)
  • Challenges
  • Contests


  • Conferences and industry events
  • Workshops
  • Calls to action
  • Polls
  • Webinars
  • Interviews


  • Worksheets and checklists
  • E-books and workbooks
  • Free events
  • Pop-up trainings
  • A call to sign up for your newsletter
  • Free courses
  • Online community invitations

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