Photo of a bride getting her hair and make up done, with text that reads "is a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist worth it?"

Is a Wedding Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Worth It?

When you find out that wedding hair and makeup typically costs between $300 and $600, you might wonder if you should go the DIY route. With all the other wedding expenses, is a professional hairstyle and makeup look worth it? Couldn’t you just do your own makeup using some Youtube videos and have your sister create an updo? Of course you could, and maybe you and your sis would do a great job, but is it worth taking the chance?

In my opinion, hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding day is worth it. Why? Because you want to look your best! And with all the photos that will be taken, you’ll want to feel confident in front of the camera, not stressed that your hair is falling flat or that your mascara is running.

If less stress and more confidence aren’t reasons enough, keep reading for even more reasons why you should hire a professional wedding makeup artist and hairstylist.

Photo of a bride getting her wedding makeup done by a makeup artist, Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

You can try different looks during trial sessions.

Trial runs can help you expand your beauty vision and help you find the best look. The makeup artist and hairstylist will be able to create different looks, play with shades and styles, and prepare your hair and skin for the big day. During a trial, you’ll talk with the industry pro, let her know what vibe you’re going for, and she will create styles around your vision using her professional judgment and artistic skills. 

Photo of a bride getting her bohemian wedding hair done by an Austin hairstylist, photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

The professionals know how to bring out your best.

Makeup artists and hairstylists know the tricks of the trade and have practiced on many clients, gaining a wealth of knowledge on how to bring out a person’s best features. A makeup artist will know how to contour your face, bring out your eyes, and hide any areas you feel are less flattering. A hairstylist will know how to work with your hair type, be able to suggest the best looks for your face shape, and give you product tips. 

Portrait of a bride with a classic wedding makeup look and bohemian hat style hair, Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

You’ll look great on camera.

Everyday makeup looks don’t always translate on camera. They can often look oily and shiny and some colors will appear gray or orange. You can also end up looking flat and underdone or overdone with caked on makeup. A professional makeup artist will use the right products and techniques to create a look that shows up on camera in all the right ways. The same goes for a pro hairstylist, as he or she will know how to style an updo or flowing down look that will last throughout the day and look beautiful on camera.

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Photograph of an Austin makeup artist applying blush to a bride's face, Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

You’ll have access to quality products.

Your professional hairstylist and makeup artist will bring a fully stocked kit of high quality products that you can’t find in your local cosmetic stores. These products are specially designed to last longer and look better than the shades and sprays you might have at home. The primers, powders, and pomades they’ll use will keep your hair and makeup looking beautiful and fresh throughout the wedding festivities.

Hiring a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist may add to your costs, but it will definitely take away from your stress levels. Instead of worrying about what styles look best and how to make them work, give yourself the gift of pampering, a professional look, and a boost of confidence on your most special (and probably most photographed) day.

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