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Intimate Family-Focused Elopement in the Hill Country | Jessica + Bradley

Jessica and Bradley knew that they wanted their wedding to be small and intimate. They were looking for little more than a close gathering of family, so they opted for a small elopement ceremony. They rented an AirBnB in the Texas Hill Country that fit the style they were looking for (and had a pool), and they were all set to tie the knot. Come along on their magical, family-focused day together!

Three Perfect Goals

This couple had decided they didn’t want to do the big marriage event, so a small, family-focused elopement style ceremony was the perfect alternative. They had three simple goals in mind for making this the most perfect day possible: 1. Beautiful pictures to remember the day by, 2. A taco truck, and 3. A pool to jump in! All of these details came together and gave them exactly what they were looking for. A stunning AirBnB surrounded by expansive natural beauty and gorgeous trees offered the perfect backdrop for their plans, so they gathered with their closest people and had a celebration of their love and life together.

The Value of Keeping it Intimate

Jessica and Bradley first met back in 2011, and, as they tell it, it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, they didn’t see each other again for another eight years after that. In 2019, they reconnected, and it’s been a whirlwind romance ever since. As holding a big wedding often means the bride and groom are wrapped up in an endless series of tasks, this couple wanted to focus on spending time with their families celebrating the life they were creating. They made sure that the AirBnB would be big enough that everyone could stay there and enjoy each other’s company before and after the ceremony.

We spoke self written vows to each other that were both heartfelt and funny as we vowed to spend the rest of our lives together under the most beautiful canopy of trees the hill country has to offer.

Family-Focused in All the Best Ways

Jessica’s son walked her down the aisle in a simple dress while she held a beautiful bouquet put together by her sister. Her sister also officiated the ceremony and everyone participated in a Ring Warming, truly making family a part of the big event. After that, it was time for pictures, family bonding, tacos, and (Jessica’s most anticipated part) jumping in the pool in her wedding dress accompanied by her closest friends. What resulted was a day of family, joy, and love. 

Jessica and Bradley recommend that, when it comes to your wedding, what matters most is what you want for it. Don’t let others sway you from what you’re imagining for your big day. This couple had the perfect wedding day that they had envisioned, with family close by (and tacos on hand), and it’s a day that they will always remember.

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