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A Close, Intimate Ceremony Surrounded by Loved Ones | Jordan + Lindsey

Jordan and Lindsey’s wedding ceremony at the unconventional and quirky Justine’s Secret House was a close-knit, friends-and-family experience made extra special by the venue’s New Orlean’s-style speakeasy feel.

A Packed House (and Courtyard) Ready to Party

It was standing room only as the courtyard was packed with friends and family, all of whom came to celebrate Jordan and Lindsey’s momentous day. Their wedding had a close, intimate feel amidst the warm surroundings of the venue’s Victorian charm. It was hard to pick just one moment as a favorite, but the couple confided that the ceremony itself was the most special part of the day. From Jordan being walked down the aisle by her father, flowers and family surrounding both, to meeting Lindsey at the altar, every moment was memorable and perfect, especially since Jordan and Lindsey upheld the tradition of not seeing each other leading up to the event. 

Why Not Bring a Friend?

“Our wedding was intimate and beautiful. The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing, and the love was abundant.”


The wedding had an extra special component: a friend performed the ceremony, adding a spark of personalized fun. What better way to commit yourself to your partner than with a friend supporting you through every moment? The planning happened so quickly, so Jordan recommended trying your best to be in the moment and enjoying it all as it happens.

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Talented Vendors:

Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo

Venue: Justine’s Secret House

Event Coordinator: Aly Stroobandt at 

Florals: Jill Kubat at

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