Engagement session on private residence shot in Austin, Texas.

A Connection Sparks a Blaze of Love | Jordan + Tristan

January 2020 was a tumultuous time in the world for many, but for Jordan and Tristan it was the beginning of something beautiful. Tristan decided to give the apps one more try, and sparks flew. They took some time to share with us about the engagement, what caught Jordan’s eye, and what’s next for the excited couple!

Once More, Just In Case

This couple were starting to wonder if finding love was a viable reality. Tristan, ready to skip off to live alone in the woods, decided to give online dating one last try. He slipped a Tenacious D lyric into his profile hoping it would spark something, and spark something it did. Jordan, a fan of churros AND Jack Black, connected with Tristan, and they embarked upon something wholly new in their lives. Tristan knew the perfect churro spot for their first date, and it’s been a whirlwind since.

“We have so many shared interests and just genuinely love spending time together.”

Sparks of Love and Friendship

Jordan had already picked out her engagement ring, so she thought something might be up when they embarked on a mountain getaway in Asheville, NC. Tristan had a plan laid out, but ended up too nervous to wait; he popped the question, and Jordan said yes! The couple have built a relationship on trust, understanding, and a willingness to learn from one another. They are still very different people, but their shared interests and mutual respect bind them together. At the time of their engagement shoot, wedding plans were well underway and invitations were in the mail. They can’t wait for the next step in their journey together!

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