Newlywed couple pose in front of red wall with paintings as they hold their bouquets and smile at Justines Secret House Austin, shot by Nikk Nguyen Photo
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Bold and Unique Wedding at Justine’s Secret House Austin, Texas | Courtney + Cherae

When Cherae and Courtney were looking for a venue for their intimate wedding, nothing they were finding made sense for their vision. They weren’t looking for a blank canvas with no personality. They wanted character! After they connected with me to photograph their wedding, they saw a blog post about a Justine’s Secret House, Austin wedding that I had shot – and they fell in love with its bold and stunning personality. The all-inclusive planning package was the cherry on top, making the whole process super easy.

Showing Up as Themselves to Justine’s Secret House Austin

When it came to choosing what they would wear for the big day, both Courtney and Cherae went on a journey to find the perfect way to express themselves. Courtney wears black every single day, so finding out that she could custom order her Michael Costello dress in black was an instant win!

Cherae says that she doesn’t ever really wear dresses, but for her wedding day, at Justine’s Secret House Austin, she found one that she loved. ‘I knew Courtney would be shocked to see me in it and that made it really fun for me!’ she remembers, ‘The one thing I could not do is wear heels or flats – I purchased combat boots from The Frye Company that I love. On our big day I felt like myself. I felt beautiful.

‘Plan a wedding that speaks to who you are’

Feeling like themselves was a huge part of what made this Justine’s Secret House Austin wedding such a blast, and Courtney has some epic words of wisdom for anyone who is thinking about planning their own wedding:

You’re allowed to plan a wedding that speaks to who you are. You don’t have to appease everyone around you. Don’t forget to be kind and patient with yourself during the process. And most of all, don’t forget what the day is really about. This is a day for you and your spouse to celebrate your love for one another; your future together. Do not give your power or energy to anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with that.‘ What a mic drop!

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