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A Love as Natural as the Surrounding Springs | Karissa + Daniel

If you’ve ever been to Krause Springs, then you know how peaceful and verdant it can be. We met Karissa and Daniel there to capture memories that will stay with them as they truly begin their life together.

Taking One Big Step After the Next

Before meeting Daniel, Karissa had recently moved from Pennsylvania to Texas. Working as a bartender, they met when Daniel came in for lunch. A few weeks later, he asked for her number, and a few weeks after that, they knew that there was a strong connection forming between them. One of their earliest dates was to explore the endless nature found at Krause Springs, so of course they returned to have a photo shoot for their wedding!

Surprising Proposal with an Element of Tradition

Unbeknownst to Karissa, Daniel had been preparing to propose when they took a trip to Karissa’s home in Pennsylvania. When asking her father for his blessing, Daniel received it warmly. A few months after that, on February 14th, Daniel was ready with candles and balloons to finally pop the question. Karissa was overjoyed and completely shocked, but she already knew her answer was “Yes!”.

Opposites Attract–and Compliment–Each Other

Karissa considers her and Daniel to largely be opposites–which is something that she believes to be their biggest strength. They share a strong connection, and their differences balance each other out to form an unrelenting bond. They were both extremely excited to plan their wedding day, but they approached it with a relaxed spirit. Knowing that they wanted it to be intimate and simple made all of the big decisions a breeze to get through.

“We both really value family time, music, doing good things for other people, and relaxing together after a long day.”


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