Close-up shot of engaged couple's lower halves as they sit next to each other during their engagement session with Nikk Nguyen Photo
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Elegant Laguna Gloria Photoshoot Engagement | Crystal + Steve

Crystal and Steve’s Laguna Gloria photoshoot to celebrate their engagement was so fun to photograph. This couple have a sweetness and a dignity that made the Laguna Gloria photoshoot a great setting for them. I always love getting to do an engagement shoot with a couple before shooting their wedding – it’s an amazing chance to get to know them, and this was no different.

When Crystal looks back on her actual engagement day, she remembers that ‘We looked at rings so I knew it was coming,’ but she says that she ‘wasn’t sure when.’ She went on to say that ‘My birthday came around and I thought for sure it was going to be then but didn’t happen! Steve proposed at our house on his birthday, a few weeks after my birthday.  I could tell he was super nervous and something was up.  He was blasting the AC and sweating and being fidgety.  His voice was cracking when he asked me to marry him. I was so excited!’

Chemistry Galore at this Laguna Gloria Photoshoot

When I asked Crystal what her favorite thing about the relationship was, she said ‘How easy it is to be with each other.  We have natural chemistry and love that’s very hard to find,’ and I have to agree. Throughout this Laguna Gloria photoshoot, no matter if we were outside the villa or indoors, no matter if they were in casual dress or extravagant formal wear, no matter if they were posing or dancing freely, I could feel that chemistry. It’s one of those things that makes shooting engagements so satisfying!
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