Couple holding hands as they stand with their backs against a concrete wall and their heads turned to opposite directions in downtown Austin, TX. Photographer by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.
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Market District Engagement Shoot in Austin, Texas | Rebeca + Benjamin

The internet is mostly filled with horror stories and hilarious memes when it comes to online dating. But I had the honor of doing this Market District engagement shoot in downtown Austin, and it turns out this couple is living proof that online dating can actually work! The couple met through an app called Hinge, after which they had their first date at Mozart’s Coffee.

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Fast forward to the present, where these two lovebirds are about to get married! Their engagement story is one for the books. Their proposal weekend was supposed to be about Rebeca and Ben’s parents meeting for the first time. Little did Rebeca know that Ben had planned that whole weekend to pop the question. 

Ben had heard of an old Japanese legend that if one folds 1,000 paper cranes, the person is granted 1 wish. Ben took that tale and turned it into his own. Ben folded 1,000 paper planes and wished for Rebeca to spend her life with him. Sure enough…that wish came true! 

The proposal took place at Ben’s parent’s home in Dallas in a little alley way in between the houses. Ben and Rebeca drove up from Austin on the Friday for the weekend. Again, Rebeca had no idea what was waiting in Dallas. The couple got to their destination, walked through the gate of the alley way and there were all the paper planes with one spot opened up for them to walk through. Ben took Rebeca to this spot where he asked Rebeca’s hand in marriage.

Rebeca and Ben simply can’t get enough of each other. “We value the passion we have for each other.” they said. “We both work intense and busy jobs during the week so weekends are always filled with activities. We just love being around each other when we have the time.” 

They have already started wedding planning. In fact, they almost have everything ready to go! “We both are just ready to be married.” they said. “We could get married in a court house and skip the big celebration because we are so ready, but we know the ceremony and celebration will be exciting.” 

Rebeca and Benjamin were a joy to do this engagement shoot with, and I loved hearing their story! This is only the beginning of their beautiful life together. Next stop? Their wedding day! 

Before you jump into the photos, check out what this couple had to say about working with me:

“What an awesome photographer! Nikk really knows what he’s doing and his style is definitely unique. He took my fiancee and I’s engagement photos around the downtown area of Austin and the photos turned out incredible! Knowledgable and passionate about his work.”

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