Newlywed bridge and groom at Ranch Austin, photographed by Southern Love Creative by Nikk Nguyen

Back to Where it All Began | McCall + Ben

Looking for a venue that is close to Austin proper but just far enough outside of town to capture the beauty of the Texas Hill Country? Look no further than Ranch Austin, a versatile venue that fits with any wedding of any style. From rustic to elegant, Ranch Austin offers indoor and outdoor spaces surrounded by trees, rolling hills, and longhorn cows!

McCall and Ben first met in Austin and wanted to come back here to commit their lives to one another at a place that captures the spirit of Texas. Read on to learn more about their exciting wedding day!

Honoring Their Lives Together

Ben is originally from Tasmania, an Australian island state south of the mainland, and the couple now both live there together. Despite their lives taking them all the way to the Southern Hemisphere, they wanted to celebrate their love in the place they first met while retaining some of the things they love about Tasmania. Both Ben and McCall love nature, so bringing in natural elements and colors was important to their big day. 

Eucalyptus and ferns were both inspiration for the decor, so lots of greenery and similar colors were just the thing to accentuate their moment here in Austin. Other touches of Australia included Ben’s suit, which was handmade by a local Tasmanian man, and McCall’s dress from an Australian brand dress shop. Eucalyptus greens and terracotta browns brought everything together in an inspired and memorable look.

“100 of our friends and family belting out “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey was a moment I will remember forever.”

The Memories That Last

There were many great moments during the wedding day. McCall’s favorite to recall is when everyone was having a blast on the dance floor! Seeing all of their friends and family gathered and dancing was a genuine treat. She wanted everyone to join in on the fun, and that’s exactly what she got. Ben’s fondest memory was the speeches given by loved ones. Hearing the beautiful sentiments from those they are closest to tied everything together in a poignant way. After the speeches were done, the formalities were out of the way, and it was time to party!

McCall and Ben clearly got the wedding day of their dreams, and these special moments will live on as they continue their lives together in Tasmania. When asked for advice to other couples they offered this: don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easier said than done, but letting small things take precedence will overshadow the fact that everyone you love and care about is there to see you! Live in the moment, and let the rest go. This couple are certainly ready to live each moment moving forward side by side. 

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Talented Vendors:

Venue: Ranch Austin

Planning: Rhianna with Wedding Day Girl

Photography: Southern Love Creative by Nikk Nguyen

Catering: The Peached Tortilla

Officiant: Shelly Cole with Short and Sweet Weddings

DJ: William Brown with Full Scope Entertainment

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