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7 Incredible Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin, Texas

7 Incredible Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin, Texas

Austin has so many fabulous wedding venues – as a wedding photographer based here, I know how good they can get! If you’re looking for outdoor wedding venues near the big city, you’re in luck. Here in the heart of Texan Hill Country, we have some of the best and most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Austin. From dramatic Tuscan villas to intimate old-world farmhouses to edgy boho-chic venues, I’ve pulled together a range of different properties to help you find your dream venue, right here in Austin!

#1 – Villa Antonia

The beautiful Villa Antonia is one of the more dramatic and striking outdoor wedding venues in Austin, Texas. The Mediterranean style of this villa. With flagstone terraces, romantic gardens, wrought-iron detailing, and terracotta tiles, this really sets this venue apart from the other places on this list.

Breathtaking photo of Villa Antonia during golden hour, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photography

The true feature of Villa Antonia, though, are the incredible views you can see from the gardens and from almost every window. The sweeping panorama of Texan hills would be such an amazing backdrop for any outdoor wedding.

#2 – Whispering Oaks Estate

The photos from this wedding at Whispering Oaks Estate will give you a good glimpse into the stunning grounds and amenities this estate has to offer. Whispering Oaks Estate lives up to its name, with 10 acres of trees creating the most beautiful canopy to shade outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours.

Front view of Whispering Oaks Estate, one of the incredible outdoor wedding venues in Austin, Texas

For your reception, there’s an elegant climate-controlled pavilion to hold your dinner and dancing in. The main house features a pool and hot tub, a fire pit, and accommodation for a wedding party up to 25 people. This is one of the outdoor wedding venues in Austin that would be ideal for an intimate wedding, celebrating with your closest family and friends.

#3 – Shiraz Garden

This is one of the only outdoor wedding venues in Austin on this list that was totally designed as a wedding venue. This means that in a lot of ways it’s a wedding photographer’s dream! There are so many different spaces here that make perfect photo opportunities. The sunset vista overlooking the hills. The elegant, peaceful Bridal Cottage. The formal garden courtyard where you can dance the night away under the stars. But the highlight of Shiraz Garden has to be their Hidden Staircase: a long stone staircase trailing up to an amazing view over the Colorado River. The staircase has a waterfall running right down the middle of it! 

#4 – Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy

Camp Lucy is hands down the home of some of the most beautiful and luxurious outdoor wedding venues in Austin! They technically have four different wedding venues, each unique in their own way. Take a look at this wedding at Sacred Oaks at Camp Lucy for a glimpse at Sacred Oaks: a venue with a glorious patio space beneath twisting oak trees and a soaring reception hall, built in a minimalist Spanish style with nods to our rich history. If you’re looking at outdoor wedding venues in Austin, Camp Lucy has to be on your list.

#5 – UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum

If you’re dreaming of outdoor wedding venues in Austin that veer away from the traditional into something a little more sophisticated, or maybe a little more artistic, can I suggest the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden? It has just the right amount of whimsey to make your guests feel like they’re attending something really special.

Right in the heart of Austin, the Sculpture Garden can seat up to 250 people for a dinner celebration. The grounds themselves – winding gardens, limestone terraces, and charming ponds – offer a host of different ceremony site options. These are all sprinkled with stone and bronze figures and installations.

#6 – Mattie’s Austin

This intimate wedding venue is an incredible combination of an old-world farmhouse cloaked in chic glamor. Plus, there is an amazing set of grounds under beautiful oak trees. This wedding at Mattie’s Austin gives you a taste of how the space can be broken up. This includes getting ready in the upper floor, a ceremony outside under the trees, then a cocktail hour in the canopied deck and then dinner and dancing in the hall. 

This is somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s perfect for small weddings. But it has the capacity to put up a tent and host a larger number of guests. It’s the little details that really shine here at Mattie’s. The careful styling of the house is modern without destroying its traditional charm. It really puts this venue a cut above many of the other, similar options.

#7 – Garey House

Nestled along the San Gabriel River, Garey House is another of these outdoor wedding venues in Austin. It boasts a whole range of different spaces for you to consider. I’d have to put in a word for the show-stopper, though. It’s the beautiful terrace: a ceremony site right on the banks of a vast, deep-blue pond. 

The Tuscan-style house itself is a powerful backdrop. It has plenty of space if you want to take any of your celebrations off of the lush lawns and into the elegant rooms inside. Altogether, Garey House has a kind of low-key drama that feels very Texan to me – it’s definitely worth checking out!

Looking at Outdoor Wedding Venues in Austin

Now that you’ve got some ideas for the best outdoor wedding venues in Austin, it’s time to start booking viewings. This is such a fun part of the process of planning your wedding. You get to be shown around these world-class properties and start to dream about your day taking shape!

Bride and groom press their noses against each other and smile under the fairy lights during their wedding in Austin, Texas

I hope that seeing some of my real-life photos of actual weddings has helped you start to get a feel for what kind of venue you’re after. For more inspiration about getting married in the Austin area, make sure that you check out my blog. And if you want to learn more about what getting married in Austin is like or if you’re interested in working with me as a photographer, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message – let’s get in touch!


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