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Wedding Photography

When you work in weddings, you have to go big or go home. We need to capture it all, or we’ve captured nothing. Which means:

  • Pretty, posed portraits aren’t enough.
  • Photojournalistic, behind-the-scenes footage isn’t enough. 
  • Dance floor shots aren’t enough.
  • Romantic B-roll of the couple kissing isn’t enough. 
  • The “same old, same old” you see on Pinterest isn’t enough.

Us? We certainly don’t settle for “good enough.” We want it all. And you should, too. 

Our wedding photography

delivers bold, personality-packed images that make you feel something. Stuffy, posed galleries can go to hell.

Star in your own wedding film

There’s no acting required, though — your on-screen romance is the real deal.

Work With Southern Love Creative

Couples Portraits

“[Nikk] and his team have a true talent in capturing moments you never even dreamed of, but once you see them, you can’t live without.”

llana Grabarnik

How We Get Bold Wedding
Images & Video



We’ll start getting to know each other as soon as you reach out. Connection is the root of great storytelling, after all. You’ll sign a contract and pay an invoice to book your date. 



Get ready for a chill experience. No homework, no to-dos. We’ll touch base as necessary, answer any questions you have, and get your final wedding details the week before the big day.

Wedding Party Portraits



This is when the magic happens. Whether we’re getting photos, video, or both, our creatives will arrive on wedding day with our eyes peeled for the big moments and tiny details you’ll want to remember forever. Though you may not always notice us, our cameras will never be too far away. 



We’ll review every piece of content with unscrupulous detail to pull out the best shots and weave them together to tell your story. When the editing magic is complete, you’ll have a final gallery and video that you’ll swoon over for years to come. And it’ll be delivered just 8 weeks after your big day. Steady your jaw — it’s about to drop.



Love Creative

Meet the baddest photo-video bitches in the Wild West — Southern Love Creative. Led by top Austin wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen, our team represents the best of the best wedding storytellers in town. 

When we call ourselves the best, it’s not just hubris. We have decades of experience, hundreds of happy clients, state-of-the-art tools, and the unmatched artistic vision to back it up.

A’s for your Q’s

We thought you might. Our packages are based on the number of hours (four, six, or eight) for one service only. If you want both, just multiply that ish by two. For example, if you want 8 hours of photography and videography services, your total is $4,600 x 2, or $9,200. Prices are subject to change.

Nope, just sales tax.

Southern Love Creative is based in and loves serving the greater Austin, Texas community. Having a destination wedding? No prob! We love traveling for work, too. Reach out

Of course. Our job is to capture the full story of your wedding day, and that includes taking those special portraits with your family and friends. We take formal portraits very efficiently to get ‘em out of the way quickly so that you can get back to the party.

This ain’t your parents’ wedding videography. We’ll use handheld cameras to capture footage from your entire wedding day, and compile it into a fully-edited film with music, like a 3 – 5 minute version of a Netflix movie. 

Can do. Whether you’re having photos or a video done, the goal of our work is to capture who you and your partner are as people. That comes across best in authentic moments where you forget that we’re here. If we can go an entire wedding without having to pose you, we consider that a win, but it’s not typical. Instead, you can expect us to gently guide you into poses or action that feel natural for you and your partner.

This is the best thing about being a photo-video team — we work together seamlessly. And because of that, your wedding photos and video will match in style and storytelling.


There isn’t a sliver of doubt in our minds — Southern Love Creative is the right choice for your wedding video and photography. Mostly because we don’t do anything less than “exceptional.” Our team has unmatched artistic vision; we produce uncanny wedding imagery and films like no other because we immerse ourselves in your love story like no other.