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From Long-Distance to Long-Lasting, an Engagement | Rachel + Rahul

Rachel and Rahul’s engagement was just the next step along the path for these two committed partners. The photo shoot took place at the home they’ve established together and in the surrounding neighborhood. They have started to lay down roots here, and marriage will be their next journey of growth.

Together is Where They’re Happiest

This couple first met when they were still teenagers–and separated by more than a few miles between them. They both participated in the Bluecoats Drum Corps, an organization that offers musical and performance training to youth across the country. Rachel was in Ohio, and Rahul was in Texas, so they started a long-distance relationship when they were nineteen. The relationship flourished, and, three years later, Rachel moved to Austin to complete her graduate degree. They’ve had many significant events occur in their lives, from cross-country moves to pet parenthood, home ownership to career transitions, and through it all, they have been together.

A Mutual Proposal, A Mutual Love

During their time in the drum corps, they had visited a beautiful vineyard owned by one of the board members and a former director of the drum corps. Previously, they had performed here, but this time, Rahul had something different in mind. He had planned a perfect proposal in a gazebo, champagne and desserts close at hand, and then they both proposed to each other. Some last minute rain ended up adding a magical and dream-like quality to the moment as they huddled together beneath the gazebo.

Another Step Along the Path

“Something that makes our relationship special is that we’ve grown through some really significant portions of our lives together.”

At the time of our shoot with them, the wedding planning was already in motion. Many moving parts were being prepared for a traditional South Indian Hindu wedding, and they were excited to have family and friends at the reception to celebrate with them. They have been through a lot together, and the wedding is set for two weeks after their ninth anniversary.

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