Think we’re a good match?

We’re going to be straight-up with you: We’re not a good fit for everybody!

If you want…

– your gallery to be full of blown out, picture perfect, smile-at-the-camera shots
– to hurry up and check “find wedding photographer” off of your planning to-do list
– a “budget-friendly” photographer

… we probably aren’t meant to be.

And, for real, we aren’t mad about it. There’s no judgment here. We want you to find a wedding photographer that fits your needs!

But, to us, a wedding photographer is more than just a vendor at your wedding, and having your picture taken is more than just a checklist item to get through.

– It should be an experience that makes the two of you fall deeper in love.
– It should be honest; capturing those un-posed, loud, quiet, and happily-unplanned moments that happen so fast, you could blink and they would disappear forever.
– It should remind you of happy days spent with the people you hold closest. It should give you goosebumps when you’re old and gray, reliving your wedding day like it was yesterday.

If you’re ready for that kind of a wedding photography experience, we’d love to meet you.

A’s for your Q’s

We thought you might. Our packages are based on the number of hours (four, six, or eight) for one service only. If you want both, just multiply that ish by two. For example, if you want 8 hours of photography and videography services, your total is $4,600 x 2, or $9,200. Prices are subject to change.

Nope, just sales tax.

Southern Love Creative is based in and loves serving the greater Austin, Texas community. Having a destination wedding? No prob! We love traveling for work, too. Reach out

Of course. Our job is to capture the full story of your wedding day, and that includes taking those special portraits with your family and friends. We take formal portraits very efficiently to get ‘em out of the way quickly so that you can get back to the party.

This ain’t your parents’ wedding videography. We’ll use handheld cameras to capture footage from your entire wedding day, and compile it into a fully-edited film with music, like a 3 – 5 minute version of a Netflix movie. 

Can do. Whether you’re having photos or a video done, the goal of our work is to capture who you and your partner are as people. That comes across best in authentic moments where you forget that we’re here. If we can go an entire wedding without having to pose you, we consider that a win, but it’s not typical. Instead, you can expect us to gently guide you into poses or action that feel natural for you and your partner.

This is the best thing about being a photo-video team — we work together seamlessly. And because of that, your wedding photos and video will match in style and storytelling.